Crop Over may not be on, but that doesn't mean we forget the bajan vibes in the 246. Hear what we would have been partying to for Foreday morning and Kadooment Day. 

Show Notes


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Mikey X MSK Musik - Company (Jel Intro)

Viking Ding Dong - Earthquake (Jel Intro)

Mole & Brucelee Almightee - Bad Badd

Walkes - Ca~hn Wait

Nailah Blackman - Gyal Wine

Problem Child - Drunk'n Style

Lil Rick - Clean

Klassik Frescobar x Dj Spider - Like Dat (Intro)

DJ Cheem x Dj Spider - Bumpa

Shal Marshall - Girls Gone Wild

Mr. Vegas - Hot Gal Alone

Sita D Lyrical Diva - Exam

King Bubba FM - Dog Dite

King Bubba FM - Money (Dollar Wine)

Lil Rick - Cooler Pimp

Lavaman - Dragon

Skinny Fabulous - White Boy Wasted

Leadpipe - Horna Man

Brutal Crankstar - Party Today

Gatlin & Zac De Champ - Rum

Saddis  - Wifey Material

Coopa Dan - Rain

Hypasounds - Feeling Wotless Now (Jel Intro)

Jus D - Longtime

Faith - Always Summer (Jel Intro)

SugahRhe - Reminisce

Kurtious & Omar - Wine Down Low

Yannick Hooper - Do To Me

Fadda Fox - Agony

Erphaan Alves - Imaginary Love

Sanctuary Vibez - Forever

Peter Ram - Pumpin'

Screwface - Let Me In

iWeb - Memories

Leadpipe & Saddis - Look Trouble

Fiyah B - Rich & Happy

Red The Artist - Gal Bend Good

Walkes - Work It

Bobo & Nellee - Car Key

Sugah Rhe - Weakness

Purple Jacket X Yannick Hooper X DJ Puffy   - Gih Dem Waist

Cheem x Li'l Rick - Ba Ba Ben (Official Remix)

Father Philis - Bumpa Brawling

Jagwa De Champ - Active

Jagwa De Champ/Feat. Supa Nytro - Wild & Freaky


Stabby - Belly

AltuhEgo - Release

Stabby - Questions

Scrilla - Angle

Lyrikal - Dutty Waist

Fiyah B - Do What You Want

KDM - Tek It All

Faith Callender - Brek It Off

Sugah Rhe - Tick-Tok

C. Diddy - Tek Dese Juks

Edwin Yearwood - RESILIENCE (Make It Work)

DJ Cheem - Sweet Soca Music

Mikey - Riches

Grateful Co - Ease

Lynchy - Soca In We Veins

Red The Artist - In De Fete Again

Lady J x Lil Rick - Walk Out

Shanta Prince - Slide & Ride (Ride on Tik Tok)

Jus D x AkaiiUsweet - Poke

Adam O x AkaiiUsweet - Warming Up

Fadda Fox - Outside Again (De Cure)

Lyrikal x Nadia Batson - Fuh Days

Sanctuary Vibez - Life Is Never Easy

Statement  - Ah Wanna Party

Amber - Soca Groupie

Snypa - We Love To Party

Richie Rich - Doing De Most

Boatman - Gal Work

Holla Bak - Hurt It

Erphaan Alves - Trouble

Terrah Dan - My Girl (Dah You?)

Ms Desire - Show It Off

Merzy - Dig It

Sugah Rhe & Walkes - G.O.A.T (Greatest Of All Time)

Trey Breezy - Workout Session

Stiffy - I Will Be Drunk

MR Blood - Down in Dey

Chrissy D - Final Stage

Peter Ram - Tek Ya Time

Bobo - Peppa

Scrilla - Freek