Get charged up for Miami Carnival 2021 with some of the hottest soca out right now. Blazing some stuff to get familiar with as well as some world premieres of chunes to come. 

Show Notes


iPhone DL 

Anika Berry - Lash Up 

Ricardo Drue - Weak 

King James - Roll It

Sedale - Push Back

Mic Love - Fork

Skinny Fabulous - Blinkin Bad

Hypasounds - Mizik 

Viking Ding Dong - Earthquake (Jel Charged Intro)

Lil Rick - Clean 

Mole & Brucelee Almightee - Bad Badd 

Nailah Blackman - Gyal Wine

Problem Child - Drunk'n Style 

Mr Killa - Macopolaritis (Jel Intro)

Erica Assai - Shame

Fadda Fox - Outside Again

Pumpa - Ring-Tinga-Ling

Lyrikal x Nadia Batson - Fuh Days

Wetty Beatz - Cyah Take It

Terri Lyons x Private Ryan - Can You Feel It (unreleased)

GBM Nutron - Holding On

Lyrikal x GBM Nutron - STRAIGHT 10

Rucas H.E - Waves

JrCruiza & Maddrass - Simon Says

Maddrass  - LOLLY (Lollipop) 

Blaxx - After Quarantine

Keke - Comfort Me

Patrice Roberts - Happy Carnival

Nadia Batson, Travis World - Body Banging

Adam O, Travis World - Bam Bam

Lyrikal, Travis World - Personally

Sekon Sta, Travis World - Sidung

Hypasounds - Feeling Wotless Now (Jel Intro)

Kerwin Du Bois x Farmer Nappy - Expensive (unreleased)

Motto x Problem Child  - Mad People Party

Zamoni  - Backway

Bunji Garlin - Rango (Born Bad)

Fay-Ann Lyons - Meta Fabulay 

Temptress X Deno Outta Range Mason - Ah Doh Have

Problem Child - Fuh Spite

Problem Child - De Saltfish

Terra D Governor - Looney Toon

Viking Ding Dong - Bend

Geo Geo  - Boom Bang 

Jah Rule - Shooter Rooter

Prado - Flat Down (LIVE Version)

Army Guy X Hyper D  - Becky 


Boyzie - Backerz

Skinny Fabulous - Big Woman 

Lavaman - Super Saiyan

Triniboi Joocie x Luni spark & Electrify - Massacre

Skinny Fabulous - Inches

Tallpree - Mi Shell

Tallpree - Frontline (Jab All Up In Front)

Terra De Govenor - Jab Is The New Black

Shal marshall x Problem Child - Imagine If (I Outside)

Reo x Dj Flip Tha Boss - We Outside

Reo - Dou Dou

Viking Ding Dong - Runaway

Patrice Roberts - Any Way

Problem Child - Crocodile

Problem Child - ALLEZ (Lets Go)

Blackboy - CHOKAY (Jook It)


Motto x Dj Fire Strypz - 1Q 2Q

GBM Nutron - Down Dey

Shurwayne Winchester - Gangalee

Karene Asche - Private Party 

Kerwin Du Bois - Live Up Ya Life

Freetown Collective & Stadic - Kasandra

Dexta Daps x Patrice Roberts - Ammunition (unreleased)

Nessa Preppy x Dj Private Ryan - Horn Back 

Ding Dong x Dj Private Ryan - Forever

Lyrikal x Dj Private Ryan - One Jam 

Sekon Sta x Mela Caribe x Dj Private Ryan - Dangerous Love

Erphaan x Dj Private Ryan - Bless Body

Jimmy October       - Wake Up

Kes The Band x Private Ryan - Keep Jammin' On (Lovaboi Edit)

Turner  - Keep Talking

College Boy Jesse - Live Yuh Life

Rae - Whole Day

Adam O - Sexy Dance (2021 REMAKE)

Kurtious & Omar - Wine Down Low

Patrice Roberts & Afro B - Camera

Lyrikal - Fete Cyah Over (Acoustic Intro Edit)

Marzville - Yeah 

Motto - Whole Night

Turner - Hurt

College Boy Jesse - Doing It 

Kernal Roberts - Scrub It Down

Peter Ram x A Team Band - Pumpin' (Jel Intro)

Patrice Roberts - Hard On Me

Problem Child - Kitty Cat

Skinny Fabulous - Too Damn Wicked 

Shal Marshall - Applause

Sekon Sta - Doh Kill Him

Nailah Blackman x Adam O x DJ - Body

Motto - French Vanilla (Jel Intro)

Charly Black - Hold Me

Machel Montano - 10 Outta 10 

Teddyson John, Skinny Fabulous - People Business 

Benje x Ovadose - Gal Anthem

Father Philis - Bumpa Brawling 

Klassik Frescobar x Boidingo - Whoopsy 

Jagwa De Champ - Active 

Leadpipe & Saddis - Look Trouble 

Fiyah B - Rich & Happy

Hey Choppi - We Dance

Voice - Peace Of Mind (Magnet Refix)

Patrice Roberts - Soca Therapy

Alison Hinds - Good Vibes Only

Nadia Batson - Real Love

Adana Roberts - D Wuk

Jadel - Yuh Man 

Mikey X MSK Musik - Company (Jel Festival Intro)

VIBE x Jougo - Good Vibe

Jaiga x DJ Spider - Tonight

Skinny Fabulous - New Gyal

Faith Callender - Bring It

Fay Ann Lyons - Something Special

Mic Love - When Ah Drunk

Jadel - Up In The Party

Problem Child - Party On Fire (RZ Edit) 

Shal Marshall - Brap Brap

Nailah Blackman - Boss 

Terri Lyons - Fling Bam Bam

King Bubba FM - Dog Bite

Swappi - No Worries 

College Boy Jesse - Summer Body 

WiLDFiRE x Sizwe C  - Play (Your Body)

Ricardo Drue - Jogo