Christmas is around the corner. This is a snippet of soca parang chunes to enjoy as you put up your tree, make sorrel, pastelle and clean up the house.

Show Notes


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Scrunter - Leroy

Scrunter - Eat Something 

Scrunter - Madame Jeffrey

Scrunter - Drink Ah Rum

Kenny J - Hush Yuh Mouth

Baron - It's Christmas Again

Baron - It's Christmas

Rikki Jai - Neighbour Neighbour

Baron - Neighbour oye

Sharlene Flores - Si yo Pudiera

Da $pirit - Black Cake & Sorrel 

Baron - Spanish Woman

Kenny J - Alexander (I Want A Hit)

Kenny J - De Paint Brush

Bindley Benjamin - Santa Looking For A Wife

Rome - Annie

Taxi - Indian Parang

Susan Macio - We Come Out to Dance

Scrunter - That Eh Working Here Tonight (Cocotte)

Scrunter - De Parang Now Start

Rome x Destra Garcia - Lie Lie Lie

Wilky - Diaz

Wilky - HYMC (Have yourself a Merry Christmas)

Bindley B - Play The Soca parang

Super Blue - Pamela

Los Tocadores - Anda Parrandero

Collen Grant - Latin parang

Sharlene Flores - Parang Soca Fun

Sharlene Flores - Spanish Confusion

Susan & Sally - Trini Christmas 

Scrunter - Piece Ah Pork

Scrunter - Home Made Wine

Sharlene Boodram - Mamacita

Scrunter - Drinking Anything