It’s Christmas time and what is a Trini Christmas without Parang? Here‘s the annual 2021 Parang Lime featuring soca parang and traditional ones (in Spanish). Trinbagonians couldn‘t get to didn‘t get to parang this year, so I wanted to give a platform to the artists who didn‘t have the opportunity to be on a stage this year.

Show Notes


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Rome - Eat Everything
Swappi - Christmas Morning
Kiegs - Lewwe Parang!
Viking Ding Dong - Single This Christmas
Preedy - It's Christmas Time
Wilky - Diaz
Kiegs - Cancel Christmas
Rome x Destra Garcia - Lie Lie Lie
Consuela - Tell Me When
Original Leah - Protocol Parang
Los Wackanderos - The Ultimate Locho
Havatyme - My Fig Tree
Mr. Famous - Proud Father
Bongo Spear - Dat is Parang
Katelin Sultan x Maha Productions - Christmas Dhalpuri
Afeisha - Play More Parang
Crazy - Love Her
Nigel Couttier & Brian Manning - Christmas Together
Marcia Miranda - Break For Christmas
Mousey - Me Monkey & Papa Bois
Trisha Hamilton - Thankful
Too Real - Parang Jumbie
Snakey - Christmas Lockdown
Chris Rojas ft. M1 - Country Christmas
One Voice - Licks
Naki - Coming Home
Mysta Lyon - Jennifer
Afeisha Brown - Gloria A Dios
Afeisha Brown - Amor Puro
Kev - Santa Maria (The Heralding)
Shukura - Ven a Celebrar
RemBunction - Sip
Gregz Joseph - Parang Lime
Afeisha Brown - Parang Tabanca
Kenny J, Crazy & Gypsy - Extempo Parang
Crazy - Heaven
Calypsonite - Drinking Competition
Sergio - BroomStick
The KVG & Theatrics - Pumpkin Vine
Peter De - Eating Ah Food
Del Toro - Apple Skin
Umi Marcano x Scrunter - Paranging (Muchies Monster)
Calypso Nite - Parang Etiquette
Dr Ross and Damion Preston - Family Business
Miguel Maestre - Santa Missing
Eddie Charles - Promise
Bass aka Trilo G - Christmas Is Love
Gary Jackson - Lock Down
Sugar Daddy - Christmas With You
Del Toro - Jam The Parang
RG & Gvon - We Time Again
Keshav & David Cockburn - We 3 Kings
Keshav & David Cockburn - Parang of the Bells
Keshav & David Cockburn - What Parang Is This