Carnival this year was in the pods, but it did not stop the vibes! Let’s continue to support and stream the soca.

Show Notes


iPhone DL 

Full Blown - Full Of Love
Kerwin Du Bois - Maxine
Teddyson John - Happy Life
GBM Nutron - Party With You
Kes The Band - Jolene
Mical Teja x Nailah Blackman - Dingolay (Magnet Intro)
Nailah Blackman - Bodum Bodum
Erphaan x Dj Private Ryan - Bless Body
Ding Dong x Dj Private Ryan - Forever
Sekon Sta x Mela Caribe x Dj Private Ryan - Dangerous Love
Lyrikal x Dj Private Ryan - One Jam
Nessa Preppy x Dj Private Ryan - Horn Back (SUPER CLEAN)
Patrice Roberts - Tricks (Wrong Woman)
Problem Child - No Time For That
Zoelah - Zess
Viking Ding Dong - Leave It Alone
Zan - Sunshine & Wine
Nadia Batson - Sweetest Feeling
Lyrikal - Soca Forever
Baron & Azaryah - Runnin Red
Kernal Roberts - Tilt (Groovy Palance)
Lyrikal - Fete Cyah Over
Turner - Hurt
College Boy Jesse - Doing It
Turner - Hurt
Marzville - Yeah
Shal Marshall - Applause (MUV Edit)
Skinny Fabulous - Too Damn Wicked (Clean)
Problem Child - Kitty Cat
Patrice Roberts - Hard On Me
Patrice Roberts - Soca Therapy
Jadel - Yuh Man
Kes x Lord Nelson - Do We Ting
Voice - Peace Of Mind
Erphaan Alves x Shal Marshall - Mash Up
Dj Crown Prince x Skinny Fabulous - Bang
GBM Nutron x Imani Ray - Dancing Partner (Blufiya Edit)
Nadia Batson - We Woulda
Nadia Batson - Jelly
Scrunter & Problem Child - Under Vibes (Jean Edit)
Cheem x QQ - Bing Bong
Kris Kennedy - Which Kind (Dylan X Khadeem Roadmix)
Timeka Marshall x Collegeboy Jesse - Anything (Jel Intro)
Machel Montano x Marge Blackman- Touch The Ground (#SaveSoil)
Bunji Garlin - The Covenant (Drizzy Edit)
Preedy - Free Again (Private Sayeed Edit)
Melly Rose - Wine Up Yuh Waist
Turner - Calling
Rikki Jai- Old Time Sake (Jel Refix)
Sekon Sta - The Box
Adam O - Stress Bout Dat (Kevin Edit)
Jadel - Up In The Party
Fay Ann Lyons - Something Special
Mic Love - When Ah Drunk
Faith Callender - Bring It
Skinny Fabulous - New Gyal
Skinny Fabulous- All Eyes On You (TW Edit)
Machel Montano - Happy Papi
Patrice Roberts x Travis World - Mind My Business (TW Edit)
Trinidad Killa - Come Down From Dey
Taller Dan - Sucka Bag
DJ Cheem - Dutty Dutty
Melick - Take Bamboo (Riddim Master Intro)
Terri Lyons - Fling Bam Bam
Nailah Blackman - Boss
Shal Marshall - Brap Brap
Problem Child - Party on Fire
GBM Nutron - I Like It (Private Sayeed Edit)
Lyrikal - Find A Way (Private Sayeed Edit)
Sekon Sta - Toast (Private Sayeed Workaround)
Viking Ding Dong - Boatride Anthem
Sekon Sta & Salty - BAM BAM (Private Sayeed's Beat Box Intro)
Kernal Roberts x Zan - Survivors
Blaxx x The A Team Band - Mash Up
Voice X Lord Kitchener - Out and Bad (Official N.M.G PodMix)
King Bubba FM - Ring Ding (Jel Edit)
Terri Lyons x Private Ryan - Can You Feel It (Private Sayeed Edit)
Viking Ding Dong & Machel Montano - Bad Chargie (Ryan Clap Starter)
GBM Nutron - Holding On
Jaiga x GBM Nutron - Free Again (Come To Jam)
Lyrikal x Nadia Batson - Fuh Days
Pumpa - Ring-Tinga-Ling
Erica Assai - Shame
Mr Killa - Macopolaritis (Jel Intro)
Sedale - Push Back (Riddim Master Edit)
Mic Love - Fork
Ricardo Drue - Weak
Skinny Fabulous - Blinkin Bad
Anika Berry - Lash Up
Farmer Nappy - Get Up (Jel Intro)
Kes The Band ft. J Perry & Michael Brun - Liki Tiki
GBM Nutron - Down Dey (MUV x Jel Horns Edit)
GBM Nutron x Mikaben - Down Dey Remix
Shurwayne Winchester - Gangalee
Karene Asche - Private Party
Nadia Batson - Meet In The Middle
Problem Child - Help Me
Lyrikal - One Dance
GBM Nutron - Sweetness
Adam O - Going Under
Skinny Fabulous - Gyalis
Olatunji - Sexy Baby (Fling It Back)
Blaxx - Rock So
Machel Montano x Problem Child - Just Dance
Patrice Roberts X Dexta Daps - Ammunition
Machel Montano x Jahllano - Sweet Creation
Ronnie Holder - Meh Darlin
Ricardo Drue x Turner - Dear Beloved
V'ghn - Sweet Melanin
Adam O x Rae - Hot Topic
Rae - Adjust Your Crown
Jadel - Own It
Preedy - Honestly
Shal Marshall - Orchid
GBM Nutron - Reverse
Adam O - Nice & Easy
Problem Child - Fete It Up
Freetown Collective x Private Ryan- OSHUN (Soca Remix)