Get ready for Foreday Morning & Grand Kadooment with the 2022 Crop Over Charge. Includes bashment soca, groovy soca and power soca. Nearly two hours of vibes. 

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Show Notes


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Brucelee Almightee - Mauby (Rizen Cut)

Freshie & Walkes - Drill It 

Walkes - Change Position 

Red Royale - Gold Cup 

Noah Powa - Boom 

Lynchy & Sandman - Lashes & Licks 

Mole De Chief - Less Noise 

DJ Cheem & Lil Rick - Bashment Start Action Start 

Faith Callender - Boy You (Juk Dung)

Scrilla - Facts

Shireen B & Stiffy - Wuk It Up

Sandman - Captain Sands

Mole De Chief x Brucelee Almightee x DJ Cheem  - Bed

Lil Bitts - Wuk Up N Wine

DJ Cheem & IQ - Soca Start 

Stiffy - Action Pack

Stiffy - Roll It 

Mole De Chief - Royal G 

Bo Bo - Lollipop 

Mikey Mercer x Mole - Nostalgic 

King Bubba FM - Ring Ding (Jel Edit)

Lynchy - Middle of Action (M.I.A)

Tae - Party Nice Again

TC - Never Take Life For Granted

Faith Callender x Nikita - Bestie

Red the Artist - Til Morning 

Marzville  - Wuk U Tonite 

Saddis - Nothing On You

Peter Ram - Doan Leave Me

Natahlee - Emergency

Mighty Grynner - Grynner Behind Her

Bo Bo x Reckondrums - Trunk Man (Container)

Jus Smoove - Jam

Red Plastic Bag (RPB) - Freedom

Mistah Dale - Prison Break

Chrissy D - Next Year (Jel Festival Edit)

King Bubba FM - Blessings (Intro Edit)

Fadda Fox - Hell No (Calling Out Sick)

Problem Child & Mole De Chief - Move Yuh Ramgoat 

Patrice Roberts - On The Road

Fadda Fox & Shal Marshall - Jam Dem

Skinny Fabulous - Wildest Thing

King Bubba FM - White Boy Wuk Up

Lil Rick - Wine & Roll

Lil Rick - You Inspire Me (Cock Back & Roll It)

Stiffy - Drunk Remix (feat. Pong)

iweb X Mikey Mercer - Badd

Nikita & MIkey - Ready

Peter Ram - Cheese On Bread

Rameses - Stampede

Jus D - Wild

Edwin Yearwood - Lock It Off

Fadda Fox - Whole Night

Private Ryan x Marzville - Rough

Private Ryan x Sekon Sta - Property

Private Ryan x Skinny Fabulous - Liver

Private Ryan x Mela Caribe - Sugar

Private Ryan x King Bubba - Sugar Pop

Marvay - Focus On You

Joaquin - Confidence

Faith Callender - Pop Kite

Rupee - First Wine

Thelia  - Dont Kill My Vibe

Shanta Prince - August

Hance - All I Need (Rizen x Jel Intro)

Hypasounds - Barbados Nice

Shaquille - Lovin

Shaquille Gfg  - Love You Up

LeadPipe - Garden 

Nikita - Drug

Saddis - Hooked

Jus D - Single

Kes The Band - Mechanic

Patrice Roberts - Fair Exchange (Some Ah Dis)

Problem Child - Good Ride

King Bubba FM - Party Cyah Done

Akhnaten - PTSD "Jam On Somebody"

Tarique O'Neal - Anytime

Grateful Co  - Location 

Altek - Liquor

Reniece Bonnett - Property

Keelz & 5 Rings Sound - Feeling A Way

Mikey X MSK Musik - Company (Jel Festival Intro)

Marzville - Wet

Fadda Fox - Carnival Memories (Zen Radio Chop)

Edwin Yearwood, Dj Spider - Request

Marzville, Dj Spider - Rude

Marzville X Dj Spider - Too Hott

Bo Bo X Betty B - Back In Business

Nikita - Superwoman

Chrissy D - Carnival Story

Reign Christopher - Bring De Rum

Father Phyillis- Face beat

DJ Cheem - Good wine

Kool Face - Hold Tite

Problem Child - Ramp Wid 

Lil Rick - Boom Pon De Ting 

Mole De Chief - Like Um Is Mine 

Mole - Wha U Gaw Do

Jagwa De Champ - Animal

Hypasounds - Balance Batty

Walkes - Toxic

Freshie - No Regretting 

Stiffy - Teck All

Cheem x QQ - Bing Bong (intro)

Rhea Layne & Walkes - Dibbiness

Faith Callender & Alison Hinds - Melanin Pop  

Maloney  - Independent Gyal

Lady Essence  - We Outside Again (Bubble Fi De DJ)

Lady Essence  - Ragga Riddim 

SugahRhe  - Target Practice 

Peter Ram  - Bajan Girls  

Rhea Layne - Bruggadown

Summa, A.O.N Skillz - Not That Gal

Altuh Ego - Boss Gal

Brucelee Almightee - Don't Stop 

Freshie - Simon Says 

Swweetical & DJ Cheem - Lobster or Crab

Rehab - No Chaser

Stiffy - De Rose 

Mole De Chief - Georgie Porgie 

Stabby - Some Girls

Lady Essence - Bubble & Collect 

Hardware - Ya Horn

Willyxshabar - Ride

Coopa Dan - To De Point

Scrilla - Bumpa Jaws

Lil Rick - Pelau

Wildfire - Gyal Heaven

Ricardo Drue - No F's To Give

King Bubba FM - Rum Mountain (One Drop)

King Bubba FM - Action Time