Gearing up for Tobago Carnival, I will be on the road with the biggest J'ouvert and Mas band for Carnival.

Show Notes


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Kernal Roberts - Cover We (Bago J'ouvert)
Kernal Roberts - Outside Nice
Shurwayne Winchester - Tobagonian
Chingee - Come Nah
Sekon Sta - One Jam
Zan & Adana Roberts - We Reach
Preedy - Free Again (Private Sayeed Edit)
Tian Winter - Baddest (Dj Illist Clap Intro Edit)
Jadel - Bad Up
Dev - Gal Roll It
Lyrikal - Look Back
Melick - Take Bamboo (Fog Angels Dub Plate)
DJ Cheem - Dutty Dutty
Taller Dan - Sucka Bag
Trinidad Killa - Come Down From Dey
Melly Rose - Play Good Music
Shines X Trip - Ricky
Voice - Out & Bad (Scratch Master x Riddim Master Remix)
Blaxx - Mash Up (MUV Edit)
Terri Lyons x Private Ryan - Can You Feel It (Private Sayeed Edit)
King Bubba FM - Ring Ding
Machel Montano x Travis World - Happy Papi (TW Edit)
Patrice Roberts - Mind My Business
Skinny Fabulous X Travis World X Dan Evens - All Eyes On You (TW Edit)
Shal Marshall - Shell Way
Patrice Roberts - Sugar Cake
Zoelah - No Stupid Gal
Preedy - 9 to 5
Problem Child - For All Ah Dem
V'ghn - Finally
Adam O x Salty - She Ready
Lyrikal - Road To Bacchanal
Terri Lyons - Wuk Meh
Nadia Batson - Soca Party
Problem Child x Viking Ding Do - None Ya
D Ziah - Bago in October
DJ Cheem & IQ - Soca Start [radio edit]
Lil Bitts - Wuk Up N Wine
Jadel - Drop It
Dev - Doh Bother Meh
Jadel - Ohhh Baby
Lyrikal - Rock off
Taller Dan - Piece Ah Wuk
Melick - Horn
DJ Cheem - Try Dat
Skinny Fabulous - Front
Shal Marshall - L.O.L (Lots Of Liquor)
Problem Child - Dutty Bad [Clean]
Melick - Cock It Up
Yung Bredda - Feel it (Fog Angels Dub Plate)
Sackie - Baby
Sukie - Work Your Muscle | Free Up
Edwin X Shemmy J - OuDou
Runi Jay & Erphaan Alves - Band Parade
Mirror Dan - Mad Government
Machel Montano - Maddest Crew
Lyrikal - Damage
Lyrikal - Fallin Rain
Skinny Fabulous x Problem Child - Danger
Machel Montano - Ova Deh
Jab King - High
Ricardo Drue - Tornado
Suhrawh x Chow Minister - In The Water (Jel Intro)
Shurwayne Winchester - Gangalee
Karene Asche - Private Party
GBM Nutron - Down Dey
Kes The Band ft. J Perry & Michael Brun - Liki Tiki
Tevin Hartman & DJ Kingston - Go Low
Nailah Blackman - Wine Down Low
Erphaan Alves - Compromise (Fog Angel)
Erphaan Alves - Overdue (Fog Angles)
Kerwin Du Bois x Adana Roberts - No Tomorrow (N.M.G Road Mix)
Kerwin DuBois x Adana Roberts - No Tomorrow
Nadia Batson - Endurance
Fay Ann Lyons - Upgrade Yuh Man
Sackie x Melick - Jam Bad
Jadel - Yuh Man
Adana Roberts - D Wuk
Patrice Roberts - Soca Therapy