No matter what Jab must play. Nothing could stop the true power of the Jab. Nearly two hours of vibes from the 473.

Show Notes


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Lil Natty X Thunda - Crawl

Jab King - High

Machel Montano - Ova Deh

Problem Child - No Chupidness

Mr. Legz - Dotish

Terra D Governor - Draggggggg The Chain

Terra D Gorvernor - Ultra Instinct (Today)

Terra De Governor - New Sense/Nu Sense 

Problem Child - Mad Jam

Lavaman X Mr. Killa X Donnell - Rel Mash Up (Remix)

Grabba Finesse - Place Tun Ova

Mirror Dan  - Mad Government 

Lednek - Morjab Kombat 

Boyzie - Entrance

Boyzie - Stage In Life

Runi Jay - Neck On Block

Lil Kerry - Calm Down 

Slatta - One Sip 

Magikal - Leave We Alone

Terra D Governor - Dat Ah Like

Lil Natty & Thunda X Dj Moss - Totti Head Bad 

Lavaman  - Getting So 

Lil Kerry X Dash - Radar

Lavaman - Suitcase (Feat. Lil Jelo)

Lil Jelo - Old Dirtiness

Tallpree - Wrong Hole

Valene Nedd - Come Throw D Oil

Pinky Fabulous - Take Horn And Stay Quiet

Lavaman - Noize (Take Horn Reply)

Jab King - Cant Stay Away From Oil

Mandella Linkz - Millionaire

Boogie B - Study Your Head

Shal Marshall - Pressure

Lavaman - Same Damn Thing

Lyrikal - Break Down

Brother B - Oscar

Ah Boy - D Vaccine

Afro Davii & Chum - 95 Lbs (Radio)

Boyzie - Backerz

Lavaman - Super Saiyan

Triniboi Joocie X Luni Spark & Electrify - Massacre

Wetty-Beatz X Jab King - Hello 

Wetty Beatz X Boyzie - Mas In Style

Luni Spark & Electrify - Tsunami

Lil Natty X Thunda - Do Road New Road

Lil Natty X Thunda & Skinny Fabulous - Location

Muddy - I.D.

Lil Kerry X Lavaman - The Worst Side Of Me

Loose Cannon - Screws Missing

Fay-Ann Lyons - Jab Doh Miss 

Tallpree - Program Me

Bunji Garlin - Place Open

Lyrikal - Fallin Rain

Skinny Fabulous X Problem Child - Danger

Boyzie - Best Girls

Mr. Gold'n - Nice Love

Tallpree - I Busy

Alma Boy - Vulgar

Ello - Wet

Mr. Walkie - Heart Break

Cryave - Unbothered

Mystyk - Doh Vex

Dash - Gather Round

Tallpree - First Time

Terra D Governor - The Realist

Teddy Rhymez X Boyzie - Island People 

Runi Jay X Carona  - Strong Face 

Luni Spark X Electrify  - Mas Is We

Dash Ft Mr. Gold'n - 10 Scores 

V'ghn  - Finally

Terra D Governor - Jab Language

Lavaman & Hitz - Bag Ah Woman

Problem Child & Mole De Chief - Move Yuh Ramgoat 

Runi Jay & Erphaan Alves - Band Parade

Leendi - Beast Mode

Terra D Governer, Mystyk - Spoil You

Shireen B - Container

Tallpree - Fettin Crazy

Terra D Governor - Looney Toon

Runi Jay & Machel Montano - Mad House

Mical Teja & Boyzie - Lash Up 

Sekon Sta - Teach Rum A Lesson

Inspector - Side Chick

Tallpree - Mi Shell Part 2 

Alma Boy - Dingaling (99 Problems)

Boogie B - Grenada Full Ah Ting

Inspector - Doing Better

Tallpree - Answer Your Phone

Lavaman  - Signal

Mr. Legz - Wey U De Dey

Terra D Governor, Buckwild  - Wey Dey D Dey 

Zessing Jab  - Sue Sue

Lil Jelo  - Cocoa 2 (Feat. Happy Boy & Dj Fearless Kevon)

Lil Jelo - D Bee

Papi - Do Dat 

Runi Jay - Leggins

Runi Jay & Erphaan Alves - Band Parade

Dash  - Ah Saying Nun (Ah Lie)

Lil Jello - Bomb Drop

Valene Nedd - Forever Jab

Topcat X Blazzer - Movements 

Brother B - Ah Could Wuk

Baracka  - Mad People 

Luni Spark & Electrify X Boyzie - Drama

Jab King - Stray Way

Lavaman - Doh Stand Up

Lil Kerry - Problems

Problem Child X Terra D Governor - Damage 

Sekon Sta X Mr. Killa - Get Mad (Take Out Something & Wave It)

Tallpree - Work Out Session

Lavaman - Bad Dutty Ways

Lil Natty & Thunda - Careful

Muddy  - Stubborn

Lednek - Interlectual Jab  (Doh Dunce)

Afro Davii X Chum - Clout

Squeeze Head  - Push

Dash - Me + Eeverybody

Tallpree - Soca Parliment

Terra D Governer, Shal Marshall - Smoke

Mr Legz Ft Lavaman - We Does Push 

Problem Child - Wutlessness

Patrice Roberts - Level Up

Luni Spark & Electrify Ft Terr - The Party Crazy