It’s Christmas time and what is a Trini Christmas without Parang? Here‘s the annual 2022 Parang Lime featuring soca parang and traditional ones (in Spanish). GIving a platform to those keeping the traditions alive in Trinidad & Tobago.

Show Notes


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Rome - Country Gyal
Eddie Charles - Coco Tea
Eddie Charles - Parang Man
Ainsley King - Essential
Preacher - Ah Painting
Leon Coldero - Doh Ask Me To Wuk
Zachary Ransome - 1st In D' Kitchen
Peter De - Parang Jumbie
RemBunction - Private Parang
Mr Flava & Con Sabor Caliente - Gih Dem Spanish
Victor Vialmosa & Las Buenas Nuevas Parang Group - Cancion De Amor
Trevor G - Wa Meh Money
Niceman - Mellow Christmas
Afiya Kristie - Christmas Vybz
Isaac Farrow - Black Cake Riddim (Instrumental)
Rikki Jai - Santa De Hornerman
Lennox Bowman - Nine Nights
Tyrone T - Christmas Jam
Chris Rojas - De Parang Band Passing
Crazy x Marley Palmer - Errol Fabien
Josanne & Crazy - Making People Happy
Daddy Chinee - Mi Casa
Roxy Singh - The Diet Plan
Shaun Waterman & Los Ruisenores - All Night Parang
Erphaan Alves ft Baron & Alicia Jaggasar - Mi Amor
Tim Tim - Eat It
Viking Ding Dong - Whole Year
Queen Alana - Sweetness For D Christmas
Rembunction & Olatunji - Oye Ah Yoye
Tahbu - Bossman
Prestan Andries - Buss Yuh Bar
Roxy Singh - This One For Kenny
Afeisha Brown x Kiegs - Jam D Parang
BB Serenaders & Deeje ft Calypso Nite - D Parang Band
Gregzmuzic, Voces de Promesa & Rembunction - Spreetivity
GregzMuzic, Amantes de Parranda, Gregz Joseph & Kail - D' Parang Grinch
Victor Vialmosa & Las Buenas Nuevas Parang Group - Jesus Cristo
Del Toro - Meh Boy
Fallon - Santa Wey Yuh Want