Sticking with tradition. This is the second mix for Vincy Mas 2022, including a lot more of the ragga soca contributions.

Show Notes


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Hance - All I Need (Jel Cut)
Mason Made - I see
Keke - Las PalÈ Mweh
Hance - One Wine
Fireman Hooper - Social Media Police (God Damn Business)
Erica Assai - Rock Da Boat
Nicki Pierre - Take Time
Shaunelle Mckenzie - Doh Vex
Skarpyon - Real Steel
Chewalee - Feelings Man
Grabba Finesse X D'termine - Workie Work It
Problem Child - Under Vibes (Bachelor Remake)
Mason - Woman
Magikal - Progress
Skinny Fabulous - Man of The House
Chewalee - Horn Is Life
Luta - Fetting Protocol
Suhrawh - Party Time
Wetty Beatz - Cyah Take It
Hance John - Colour Fete
Fitz - Carnival Baby
Keith Currency - Slap Way
Kevinn Lyttle - I Love My Life
Dymez X Dapixel - Life In Yuh
Mason Made - Stop We Now
Zoelah - No Stupid Gal
Problem Child - For All Ah Dem Part 2
Problem Child - Pull Your Own Weight
Skarypon - Big Road
Chewalee - No Days Off
Stamina Smurf - Chatty Chatty
L Pank - Leggo D Beast
Skinny Fabulous - Blinkin Bad
Hypa 4000 - Cheers
Luta - Too Stiff
Erica Assai - Sweat It Out
Jamesy P - Hacked
Chewalee x LPank - Overboard
Jamesy P - Assignment
Problem Child - Proud Survivor Of Horn
Dymez x daPixel (DxdP) - Buss Ah Nut
Skarpyon, Justin Arrindell - Hold It
Nicki Pierre - Full Ah Mouth
Kelly J - Craziness
Skinny Fabulous - Chaotic
Problem Child - Rum Say
Jamesy P - Who Allowed That
Fya Empress - Dip So
Problem Child - Long Long
Sita - Bend
Suhrawh feat. Chow Minister - Dip
Wetty Beatz - What's Your Name?
Skinny Fabulous - Inches (MUV Edit)
Madskull - Bend Up
ZJ Tuffa - For The Road
Karbon Jamz - Hard Times (Bread & Butter)
Fireman Hooper - Bad Demon
Hance - Shellingz
Kemmy - De Call
Magikal - Wah Deh
Mirror Dan - Mad Government
Grabba Finesse - Place Tun Ova
MadKing - Staff
DJ Jeanie - Movie
Jace x Caspa G - Pon Di Grung
SonSon - Rifle Wine (Live Band Refix)
Chow Minister - Sideman Season
Problem Child - Butter
Added Rankin - Alone (Something in Meh food)
Grabba Finesse - Hey Girl
Grabba Finesse - Iron
Suhrawh x Chow Minister - In The Water (Jel Intro)
Dose Up - Spray It
Skinny Fabulous - Showers
BongoPrime - Vex
Fruitilicious - Plumber
Skinny Fabulous - Showers
Keido - Boops
Kezon - Do Not Care
Skinny Fabulous x Problem Child - Danger (Intro)
Problem Child - Home Alone
Problem Child - No Chupidness
Problem Child - Mad Jam
Problem Child x Terra D Governor - Damage (Clean)
Problem Child - Wutlessness
Dat-C DQ - Speed On It
Caspa G - Sapiophilia (No Wasteman)
Dymez x daPixel (DxdP) - Who? (Woo Woo)
Sita D Lyrical Diva - Vincy Badness
Sita - Heifer
Luta - Wuking Song (Edit)
Skinny Fabulous - Money Up
Skinny Fabulous - Bongokart
Skinny Fabulous - So and So
Dymez x Da Pixel - She War Wuk
Royall - Say Less
Grabba Finesse - Sick Bad
Wetty Beatz x Boyzie - Mas In Style
Hypa 4000 - Bad Head
Caspa G - Sugar & Spice
Bun sin & Soca dan - Done Start
Scarbz - Town Man
Dat-C DQ - Canoe
Machel Montano - Maddest Crew
Mr Killa - Jab Religion
Lyrikal - Damage
Skinny Fabulous - Garn
Wetty Beatz - Smokey
Wetty-Beatz x Smash - Rum Love
Fya Empress - Soca Planet (Big and Have Sense)
Mad King - Be Good feat. Benny G Major
Added Rankin - Like A Movie
Hypa 4000 - Wet Than Dem
Dat-C DQ - Rick N Morty
Grabba Finesse - Wifey & Matey
Lil Flama & Flee - Joe Grind
Flanka - Come Through
Keith Currency - Sushi
Caspa G - Haunted (Play With Mudda Man)
Fireman Hooper - World War III (WW3)
Luta - Drunk Or Sober
Kevin Lyttle - Splash
Caspa G - Jouvert Morning
Fireman Hooper - Go Down (Whine)
Skinny Fabulous - Gyalis
Machel Montano x Problem Child - Just Dance
Mason & Kiedo - Hit Pon Hit