It’s Christmas time and what is a Trini Christmas without Parang? Here‘s the annual 2023 Parang Lime gIving a platform to those keeping the traditions alive in Trinidad & Tobago and the Caribbean. 

Show Notes


iPhone DL 


Roxy Singh - Heroes de Parang 

JW - Last Minute Parang

Shurwayne Winchester - Christmas Fete

Rome - We Parangin' 

Wilky  - Bring It Come 

Kiegs  - Christmas Is Love 

Chris Rojas - Oh Gosh

Crazy - Love Again

Ro'dey - Grande

Rembunction - Dark Chocolate

Jungle ft Screws - The Greatest Lime

Supahype - Family Affair

Candy Kay - When We Paranging

Gary Jackson - It Sweet

Rembunction - Bandit Christmas

310 Music Group - Angostura

Carver - That Meat Too Fat

Peter De - Ah Lost Meh Dulahin

Katelin & Kaylee Sultan - Christmas Time

General Grant  - Smell The Ham

Pae3ot   - Christmas Party

Roxy Singh   - Paranging

Ricky T - Carleen

Carlton Roberts - For De Christmas

Mata & Bronxx - Whole Day

Ricky T - Where De Pork

Steve V. Boy x Chin Trina x Kirt Allen - Silver Bells

Peter De - Santa Leave D Wuk

Falco - Ah Opening Accout

Sugar Daddie - I Paranging

Chris Rojas - Meh Neighbour Yard

Marcelle - Wild Meat Christmas 4

Afeisha Brown - Mi Paramin

Zachary Ransome X Crazy - Sing Zachary Sing

Calypso Nite - Mad House Parang

Gregz Joseph, Miguel Homer, Khai Jeffrey - Goin' And Parang

Kiegs - Joseph's Christmas

Afeisha Brown x Kiegs - Jam D Paranh

Rikki Jai - Once Ah Year

Colin CJ Jackman - Nail It

Rome - Country Gyal

Eddie Charles - Salty Christmas

Eddie Charles - She Want it HArd

Peter Deleon - This Parang Go

Krisy D - No Drinks

Fallon - Parang Diaspora

Bongo Spear - G-String

Cableous - De Box

Boogie B - Doh Ray Me

Jeff Perry - Coming Home

Randy Isaac - Christmas

Randy Isaac - The Count

Tallpree - The Backshop

Jasper YMC - Round the Clock

D'termine - Christmas Love

Fligh - Christmas Trees

Dose Up - Plenty Thing

Caspa G - No Gift Wrap