Giving the gift of soca for Christmas. Things to get familiar with for Trinidad Carnival 2024.

Show Notes


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Preedy- Search Party (Jel Special)

Kerwin Du Bois x Yung Bredda- Sugar Waist

Mela Caribe x Olatunji- Spirit Waist

Patrice Roberts - Meet We Down Dey (MUV Mix)

Mical Teja- Runaway

Voice- Penthouse (Rizen Edit)

GBM Nutron x Jus Jay - When Last

LeadPipe x Jus Jay - Brain Freeze

Bunji Garlin- Classic (Crown Prince Mix) 

Skinny Fabulous- Rough Top

Teddyson John - Doh Worry Badmind

Lil Rick x Jus-Jay - Mind Off 

Kes The Band x Tano - Tack Back (Intro Edit)

Coutain & Tano - Junction

Nadia Batson - Market 

Kerwin Du Bios - Life After Fete (DM Edit)

Nadia Batson - Everytime

M1 - Give Away The Wine

Aaron Duncan - Darlin

Orlando Octave - Plan B

Nessa Preppy - To My Ex  (MUV) 
Swappi & Travis World - Dutti

Sekon Sta & Yung Bredda - Backazz (MUV) 

Salty, Sackie & Travis World - Express Yuhself

Rhea Layne - Arch 

Problem Child - Holiday (ALX Clap Intro)

GBM Nutron - Hot Gyal Anthem

GBM Nutron x Farmer Nappy - In The Center

Private Ryan x Mela Caribe - LOW (Hot Girl Anthem)

Olatunji - Inventor (Izaman)

Freetown Collective - Mid Section

Sizwe C x Keshav - Trouble

DJ Private Ryan, Hey Choppi & Voice - Pass It Around

Bunji Garlin - Pass Around 

Kerwin Du Bois - One Stop Shop 

Kennie Montana - Niceness 

Bunji Garlin & Travis World - Looking Over

Olatunji x Travis World - Time 2 Party

Mical Teja - D.N.A (Rizen Intro)

Nailah Blackman - Jam Of The Year 

Patrice Roberts - Ah Feeling It

Voice, V'ghn, MSK MuSiK - Trinidad Sweet

V'ghn - Welcome To Carnival

Waddicks x System 32 - Beat Rum Bad (TW Clap Intro)

Terron - Fete, Woman and Alcohol (F.W.A) 

Problem Child x Patrice Roberts - Impossible

Teddyson John - The Menu 

Ricardo Drue - Ah Love It Here 

Farmer Nappy - How Ah Livin (MUV Edit)

Nadia Batson - I'm Yuh Lover

GBM Nutron - Outside Jam

Added Rankin  - Yuh Lie (MUV Mix) 

Fay Ann  Lyons - Stress Yuh Out

Bunji Garlin - Trajectory

Problem Child - Rum Sweet 

Kes The Band - Fuh Spite

Dj Private Ryan x Terri Lyons - No Drama

College Boy Jesse x ZigBoi  - Pump 

Pumpa - The A List (Jel Intro)

Yung Bredda - Steamy Service 

Kerwin Du Bois - Benderella

Lyrikal, System32 - Stick On

Viking Ding Dong, System32 - Head Gone

Skinny Fabulous, System32 - Shameless

Lyrikal, System32 - Stick On

Patrice Roberts - Anxiety

Skinny Fabubous X Travis World - Hell Yeah

Yung Bredda X Travis World - Heart Attack

AkaiiUsweet - Inside Yuh

Nailah Blackman - Round & Rosie (Jel Tik Tok Mix)

Ricardo Drue & D.w.O - Last One Standing

Nice - Situationship 

Trinidad Killa - Riot 

Skinny Fabulous x Asa x Mr Killa - Do Wah Yuh Want

Problem Child x Shal Marshall - Same Thing

Bunji Garlin - Jump Up 

Bunji Garlin - Entering Greenzland

Jab King - All The Wine

Slatta - Wet Her Down 

Fay-Ann Lyons - Outside Behavior

Kuttit - White Oak & Cranberry 

Terra D Governor - Bag Ah Sugar

Nailah Blackman & Lyrikal - Best Self 

Nailah Blackman x Pumpa - Born To Fly 

Preedy x King Bubba FM x Lavaman - Rum Bucket

Ghaza x Jussbuss - Carnival (Jel Intro)

Kes The Band x Travis World - Cut Me Loose 

Machel Montano x Charly Black, Michael Brun - Jessica

Jimmy October - Rum & Calypso

Jimmy October - 1 on 1 

Kes The Band - Banga 

Kes The Band - Dutty Flex

Patrice Roberts x Tarrus Riley - All My Love

Marge Blackman x Mical Teja - Play Forever

Adam O x Riddim Master - Soca Shanty 

Kris Kennedy - Party Budget (MUV Edit)

Erphaan Alves - The Answer

Kerwin DuBois - Energy Killers

Farmer Nappy - Smooth Ride

Lyrikal & David Rudder - Major Damage

Raymond Ramnarine - All Inclusive

Mela Caribe x Patrice Roberts - Sugar Reloaded 

Patrice Roberts - Best Jam Ever

Shal Marshall - Bare Good Vibes

Teejay x Riddim Master - Drift (RM Soca Refix)

DJ Private Ryan & Keshav - Magic Touch

DJ Private Ryan & Andre - No strings attached

AVI - Memories

Hey Choppi & 5ILVA - Call Meh

Jimmy October & Tano - Soca Party 

V'ghn - Calypso

Nadia Batson x Dan Evans - You, Soca & Money

Patrice Roberts - Look Meh Friend

Imani Ray  - Closer 

Keith Currency - Too Sweet 

Shal Marshall - One Ah Dem 

Problem Child - Roxanne

Marge Blackman x Nailah Blackman  - Endless Vibration (DM Edit)

Viking Ding Dong - Wake Up

Collegeboy Jesse x DJ Private Ryan- We Last