Vincy mas is late this year and so was the music 🇻🇨. Here’s what you need to know for Vincy Mas 2024.

Show Notes


iPhone DL 


Dat-CDQ & Skinny Fabulous - Start

G.E.O - Horn Him WIth Me

Kelly J - Hold Him (Wink Eye Saltfish)

Justin Monk Miller - Show Off

Suhrawh - More Hoes

Skinny Fabulous - Boost Up

Problem Child  - Carnival Jumbie

Problem Child  - BOTS (Gyal Wicked Bad)

Added Rankin - Next # in Line

Kennie Montana - Blessed

Fry Yiy - Leave The Liquor -Pappyshow (Bagga Soca Monarch)

Ozarie - Front Teeth

GEO - That Is It

Gargamel - Rum Head

Halik - Fun Tonight (She Just Wanna Party)

Grabba Finesse - Plumber

Hypa 4000 - Tun On The Hose

Scarbz - Tornado

Fruitlucious - Kick Em Jenny

Dose Up - Monsters Out

Skinny Fabubous X Travis World - Hell Yeah

KTB x Vyper- Side Man (North Leeward Soca Monarch) 

Keith Currency - Super Soakah

Fireman Hooper  - Kak It Up

Problem Child - Like Never Before

Problem Child - In Dey

Asa Bantan - Problem Dat

Wyz Skid - Love Shenane

Magikal - Mamaguy

Magikal  - Fully

Flanka - Soca Will Never Die (We Love Soca)

Caspa G - M.O.N.E.Y

Fireman Hooper  - Rum Drinkers

Fireman Hooper - Bad Company

Problem Child - Doh Come Around

Problem Child - A Little Jam (Whole Night)

Patrice Roberts - Cyah Hear Yuh

Dymez X daPixel (DXdP) - Rub Ah Dub

Jamesy P - Head Over Heels

Problem Child - Sample

Skinny Fabulous - Rough Top

MaddZart - Dancing With You

Mason made x Hey Choppi - Let It Go

Jasper YMC - Slow Motion

Jay R the artist - One Touch

Ebony Empress - One Last Chance

Adam O - Smooth

Kennie Montana - Watermelon

Tynie - Surrender

Flanka - Wining Class

Marlo - Ola

Rikanie - Keep it Steady

Kevin Lyttle - Secret Love

Problem Child - Sneaky Link

Danielle Veira - Mr Slick

Tiyanna - Vibe

Mason made - in The Moment

Fya Empress - Bad Energy

Jussbusscamp - Shornbeats, Killy Muziq, Lowkey & Double R Muziq - Jaminn

Jussbusscamp, Double R, Shornbeats ,Ghaza - No Badmind

L Pank - Fever

Angie Maya - Jam Dey

Gargamel - Horn

Suhrawh - Best Drunk of My Life

Hance John - Spectacular

Skinny Fabulous - Road Tribute (Road Is Mine)

Ozarie - Shut Up

Mason Made - For The Dog

Hance John X Captain John - We Reach

Jay-R x XplicitMevon - Fuh Dat

Wyz Skid - Rum and Bacchanal

Problem Child x Imani Ray - Single

Keke - Nuff Work

Skinny Fabulous - Wuking Crazy

Problem Child  - Let's Go Party  

GEO - Slip In

Future Boy Scott - Feed The Cat

Skinny Fabulous - Party In The Road

Angie Maya - Wasteman

Ronnie Homer - Broke Gyal

Klassik Frescobar - Bounce Like Roll (Freestyle)

Suhrawh & Rawsheid - Eating Cat (Meow Meow Meow)

Skinny Fabulous  - Wine Pon Yuh Fren

Skinny Fabulous, System32 - Shameless

Zeron - Number Two

Fimba - Playing Mas

Keith Currency - In front ah me

Added Rankin - Show Me

Problem Child - How Ah Like It

Prezzi Don - My Time

Shaunelle Mckenzie - Fetting

Dymez X daPixel (DXdP), Jamesy P - Gym Classes (Wuk It Out)

Problem Child  - No Press Button

Hance John - Dutty O'clock

Skinny Fabolous - Somebody Gyal

Keith Currency x Viking Ding Dong - Fall Down

Marlo - Who Put We So

Fonando - In A Zone

Wetty Beatz & Kerlz - Wicked Bad

Jace - Pelt It

Super K - Jook

Skarypon - Ms Riding Good

Keith Currency - Leh We Dance

Problem Child - Like a Man

Problem Child - High

Karbon Jamz - Carnival Addicts

Dymez X daPixel (DXdP), Jamesy P - Gym Classes (Wuk It Out)

Flee - Wuki Wuki

Di Hooligan - Under Dat

Zeron - Spray It

Kelly J - Rum Alone

Kelly J - Water Pressure

Chow Minister - Water In Dey

Sicko - We Bad

Shaunelle Mckenzie - Whine On De Road

Jussbusscamp records- Shake Down

Jussbusscamp & Shornbeats - Team

Jussbusscamp - Lowkey , Sluwwy ,Killy - Antidote

Skinny Fabulous & Lyrikal - Hurricane

Skinny Fabulous x Jab King - Whoops Waps

Keith Currency - Wey Yuh From

Patrice Roberts - Fling It

Problem Child x Lavaman - Doh Bother Meh

Marlo - Born To Be Great

Tynie - Attitude

Tapha - Leave It Bushy

Royall - Head Gone

Wyz Skid  - Lick Shot

Ras Jomo - Big Flags

Vyrus - Wuk Up

Kaviedes - Be Good

Sick-O - Soca Truck

Fay Ann Lyons x Problem Child - Greatness

Blama - Til She Come

Sluwwy - Dey pon Thing (Get Dem Reggie)

Peng Pang - Hot & Hungry

Don't Tell Me - Killy Muziq

Double R Muziq  - Guzu

Nas03 - Mad People