This series is typically reserved to give flowers to artists who are still alive, but with the untimely passing of Blaxx we must pay tribute to a true soca champion and Icon. RIP Uncle Blaxx, we will find comfort in the memories we shared with you as a prominent entertainer and leader.

Show Notes


iPhone DL

Blaxx - Place In Life

Blaxx - Same Way (2MV Intro)

Blaxx x The A Team Band - Mash Up 

Blaxx - Life Over Death

Blaxx - Carnival Jumbie 

Blaxx - No Get Away (TW Edit)

Blaxx - Rankin Ting 

Blaxx - Ten To One

Blaxx - Gyal Owner (Rizen x Jel Edit)

Blaxx - After Quarantine

Blaxx - Hulk (TW Edit)

Blaxx & Macka Diamond - Mash It Up and Built Back 

Erphaan Alves x Blaxx - Contagious (TW Edit)

Blaxx  - Come in 

Blaxx - Fettin Away

Blaxx - Leh Go (Travis To Da World Remix)

Blaxx - Celebrating Life

Blaxx - Tanty Woi (Made Famous Roadmix)

Blaxx - Fire 

Blaxx & Roy Cape All Stars - Dutty

V'ghn & Blaxx - Loco Jab

BLAXX - Find Yourself Inna Band

Blaxx - Maddest Crew

Blaxx  x Roy Cape All Stars - Breathless

Blaxx - Tusty

Blaxx - Hunting 

Blaxx - Trouble 

Blaxx - Normel 

Blaxx & Roy Cape All Stars - Colors 

Blaxx & V'ghn - Keep It

Blaxx - Remove Yuhself

Blaxx - Rock So

Blaxx - Master Of Mas 

Blaxx - Canboulay (Bite Up Shilling)

Blaxx & Don Iko - Who God Bless 

QQ & Blaxx- One Drop (Carnival Remix) 

Blaxx & Andy Singh - Beating Meh Rum

Pupa Lendi F. Blaxx - Rum Oh

Kerwin Du Bois x Blaxx - Good Time 

Roy Cape Feat Blaxx - We Jammin

Blaxx - Doux Doux

Blaxx - Jusso

Blaxx - Boiling Over

Blaxx - Sound De Horn

Blaxx - Hold Meh Liquor

Blaxx x The A Team Band - Mash Up