With less than 100 days until Trinidad Carnival 2024, it's time to get in shape. This time at a slightly slower pace around 135 beats per minute.

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Lil Rick - Gym Instructor

Ricardo Drue - Professional

Kes The Band x Chris Hierro - Body Talk (Latin Soca)

Kerwin Du Bois & Lil Rick - Monster Winer (Latin Remix)

Kennie Montana - Niceness (Smartiez Intro)

Killy - Senorita

YMC - Festival

Kerwin Du Bois  - La Familia Soca

Adam O - Stress Bout Dat (Kevin Festival Edit)

Jadel - Up In The Party

Fay Ann Lyons - Something Special

Mic Love - When Ah Drunk

Skinny Fabulous - New Gyal

King Bubba FM - Ring Ding

Voice - Long Live Soca (Pan Chune)

Machel Montano x Teddy Rhymez - Stink Behaviour (Kevin Fire Wata Edit)

Machel Montano - Bruck It

Lil Rick - Kotch De Bumpa

Lil Rick - Wild Out

Skinny Fabolous - Defense

Erphaan Alves - Bumper Bounce

Mighty - Kedek Kedek

Subance x Uncle Ellis - Back Bend (Remix)

Freezy x Mad Russian - Bend De Banana (Remix)

Mighty ft. Subance - Bad in BumBum

Pumpa - The A List (Jel Intro)

Jahmoun Feat. Umi Marcano - Leh We Wuk (Behind The Truck)

Machel Montano - Bend Over (Jel Mix)

Hypasounds - Roll It (Jel Mix)

Bunji Garlin - So & So

Hypasounds - Mizik (Intro)

Addo & TBoss  - Best Side (Left Right)

Kerwin Du Bois - BACKAZZ

Lil Rick & Benjai - Cyah Bother We

Lil Rick - Sugar Lump

Kerwin Du Bois - Concentrate

Buffy - Whining On Anything

23:09 : Lyrikal, System32 - Stick On

Viking Ding Dong, System32 - Head Gone

Skinny Fabulous, System32 - Shameless

Problem Child - Rum Sweet

Fimba - All ah want (Rum & Woman)

Prezzi Don - Weh yuh want (Soca Baby)

Added Rankin - Yuh Lie

Problem Child - Rum Sweet

Machel Montano - Remedy

Kerwin Du Bois & Lyrikal - Lockdown

Kerwin Du Bois x MX Prime - Welcome To The Carnival

Kerwin Du Bois - All Kinda Kind (Intro)

Patrice Roberts - Sweet Fuh Days (BCM Mix)

Kes The Band  - Carnival Is Here

Kes The Band - Where Yuh From

Machel Montano HD - So High A.O.A

Swappi - Ana

Lyrikal - Zig Zag (SMJ Intro)

Leadpipe & Saddis - Ah Feeling (Zig Zag TW Refix)

Tian Winter - In De Middle

Machel Mantano- Come For It (Ninja x MUV Live Performance Pump Up Mix)

Mical Teja - D.N.A (Rizen Intro)

V'ghn - Welcome To Carnival