Collective of what's out for Crop Over 2016.

Show Notes

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King Bubba Fm - Calling In Sick (Crown Prince Mix)

Sekon Sta  - Night & Day

Problem Child - So Good

Peter Ram - Good Morning (Nms Mix)

Grynner - Turn On De Speaker

Coopa Dan - Home

Iweb - Big Up

Mr. Veejay - Temptation

Supaa - Structure

Mikey  - C.e.o

Lil Rick - Wine Teef

Lil Rick - Way Up (Blaqrose Supreme Mix)

Shanta Prince - Til Morning

Skinny Fabulous - Pompous

Edwin Yearwood - De World Ain't See

Joaquin- Home

Lil Rick - Bachannalist

Ricardo Drue - Id Stamp (Blaqrose Mix)

Peter Ram - The Tribe (Dj Inchy Mix)

Leadpipe & Saddis - Dreams

Alison Hinds - Carnival Way

Lyrikal & King Bubba Fm - Worlds Greatest

Don Trent - Leave Me Alone

Fadda Fox - Doh Text Meh

Preedy - Addicted

Mr. Dale - Nuttin Sweetah

Yannick Hooper - They Don't Want Us To Fete

King Bubba Fm - One King (132-140 Bpm Transition)

Hypasounds - Bam Bam Back (Jus-jay Road Treatment)

Ian Webster (Aka Iweb)- Wuk Up & Rum

Lil Rick - Get Thru

Sanctuary - Smash

Mikey - Live Fuh This

Mr. Dale - Mek Tuh Fete

Lil Rick - I'z A Bajan

Edwin Yearwood - Bore Ah Hole

Fantom Dundeal - Bajan Man 2

Linky Da First - Rock And Come In

Fadda Fox & Runtown - All Day All Night

Mr. Veejay& King Julien - Summer Again

Scrilla - Gal Drop (Blaqrose Supreme Mix)

Stabby - Oops

Dp - O Dear

Big Red - Cant

Salt - Bang Bang (Home Improvement)

Level Vibes - Gidem (Show Me)

Hardware - PiƱata

Xcel & Bounty Killa - Bout Hey Heavy

Speed - Ga Down

Dr. Versee - Roll It

King Bubba Fm - What A Rush

Hypa Kidz - Bubble-ish

Flipo - Doctor

Lil Rick - Brek Down De Fence

Stiffy - Whip It Real Good

Rameses Feat. Lady Essence - Blows

Coopa Dan - Champion Gal

Scrilla - Dirty Bend

Marzville - Down Pon It

Marz Ville Feat Snap Brandy - Bang Bim (Dj Puffy Mix)

Alison Hinds- Bang Bim

Jagwa De Champ - Back It Up

Xcel 246 - Pon Me

Stiffy - Tek Off Something (Bashment Soca King)

Terrah Dan - Ruff So

S.k - Crank

Xcel 246 - Pass Me A Drink F.king Bubba Fm

S.k.  - Cockspur Dibbyness

Dj Shaqmed Feat. Joaquin - Leave Me Alone

Foreigner Frank  - Push Wood

Salt - Hey Salty (How I Met Your Grand Mother)

T-rock Again  - Behind De Truck

Scrilla - Down De Hatch  

Red Plastic Bag - I Love It

Sandman - Cyan Leff Me

Nikita - True Colours

Nikita/alison Hinds - Royalty (Queens And Princesses)

Marvay - Know The Face

Rupee - I'll Be Ok

Biggie Irie - Money Well Spent (Nms Mix)

Lead Pipe & Saddis - 246 Til I Die

Fadda Fox - Bartender

Fadda Fox - Going Mad F.skinny Fabulous

King Bubba Fm - Another One

Lead Pipe & Saddis - Make A Fete

Skinny Fabulous - Watch Thing

Tian Winter - Can't Explain

Don Trent - New Day

Joaquin - This Place

Coco - Soca Music

Hollabak - Gone

Twisey - Best Friend F.hollabak

Sanctuary - Bailar

Blood - Mr. Bakanal

Sim Simma - Bashment

Edwin Yearwood - Home Sweet Home

Shanta Prince - We Loose

Imani - Meh Body

Stiffy - Can't Find She

Nikita - Bun It Up

Miss Tc - De People Place

Miss Tc - Wine & Carry On

Verseewild - Injections

Hypa Kidz - Priviledge

Supa Hype - Wid Somebody

Timmy - Wuk Up Bad Pon On It

Statement - Play Mas Again (P.m.a)

Teejay - Make Meh Name

Ricardo Drue Feat King Bubba Fm - Rum Again "Drink Up"

Boatman - Shut It Down

Lil Rick - Doing De Dog

Sekon Sta - Mamacita

Fadda Fox - Dirty Habits

King Bubba Fm - Unstoppable "Give Thanks"