Jamming some of the newer parang soca hits. Includes music from Rome, Kiegs, Shurwayne Winchester, Eddie Charles, Leon Coldero, and many more. Definitely chunes the parang soca mafia wouldn't want you to hear.

Show Notes


Eddie Charles - Discount
Shurwayne Winchester - Parang Party
Rikki Jai - The Whole Hog
Rikki Jai - It's Christmas
Ian Small - Parang On De Road
Miguel Maestre - Parang Time Again
Sergio - Party
Crazy - Parang Comin'
Leon Coldero - Scrap Iron
Kiegs - Follow Fashion (Don't Sound Like That)
Wilky - HYMC (Have your self a Merry Christmas)
Sergio - Trini Time
Splegs & Theatrics - Catch ah Vaps
Buffy - Full House
Rome - China
Rome - Christmas Morning
Incredible Myron B - Whole Day Whole Night
Kiegs - Christmas Fete
Eddie Charles - What Nice About Christmas
Eddie Charles - Hambone
Iwer George - Mucho Dinero
RKG - Parang By Mehself
Luta - Something Bitter
Shaunelle Mckenzie - Ah Little Piece
Daddy Ghost - Roast Pork
Skarypon - Joyous
Rem Bunction - Invite Mehself
Climaxxx - See Alice
Leon Coldero - Te Amo
Ravi B - Dinero
BB Serenaders - Parang Inside Yuh House
Scrunter - Let Me Play With Your Toy
Ninja - Is That Parang
Earl Haynes - Jam Parang
Damion Prestion - Arima The Home Of Parang
Peter Levels - Lewwe Dance