Showing love to the artistes who dropped music for what would have been Crop Over 2020.

Show Notes



Chrissy D - Next Year

Betty B - H.T.F (How To Fete)

Hypasounds - Mizik (Intro)

Altuh Ego - Liquor

Edwin Yearwood - I Am

Chrissy D - Wuk Meh 

NAYASHA - Get Away

Sim Simma - DifficultMoore Specific x Blood - Back Back Back

Blood - Feel Good 

King Bubba FM - Ruff Up De Fete

Wetty Beatz - Private Party

Mikey - Getting It Good (Jel Intro)

Jus D - Boom Bang

Yannick Hooper - So Right (Bruk Out and Wine)

Problem Child - Oh My Gosh

King Bubba   - Pressure

Mole De Chief - Young And Wild 

Lil Rick - Get Low 

Lil Rick - Bruck It Off 

Sanctuary - Pocket

Jagwa De Champ - Si Down Back Pun It 

Lil Rick - No R.H 

Lil Rick - Ride Pun It 

Biggie Irie - Sweet Gal

Natahlee - Loverboy

Peter Ram - Real Soon

Kirk Brown - Pitta Patta

Verseewild - Don't Come Too Quick

Faith - Don't Break Yet (Wicked Reloaded)

Faith - Dont Break Yet 

Altek & Cherish - Bring Da Vibe

Fiyah B - Bend

DJ Cheem - Ba Ba Ben 

Terrah Dan - Exercise 

Summa - Man Ah D Least 

Marzville  - Mid Section

Marzville - Jelly (Clean)

Peter Ram - We Outside

Verseewild - G Man Or Gallis 

Jah Reddis - Feelings

Jus D & Infamous - Style Pon Dem

Jus D - Flava

Fadda Fox - Sweet Spot

Marvay - First Chance (Final Destination)

Red The Artist - Dansi

Big Mic - Treasure (Very Special)

Grateful Co - Fall In Love 

Saddis - Ya Badself 

Ashari - Lose Dem Gyal

Rameses - She liking me

Mikey - Independent Girl

Coopa Dan - Deserve It

iWeb - Love In D Fete

Chrissy D - Tek Time

SugahRhe - Blame Me

Chrissy D - Come Right Away  

Mario - I Doan Mind  

Marzville - Eruption

Shurwayne Winchester  - Come Out to Jam

Nakeshia - Don't Stop

Sanctuary Vibez - Payday

Freezy x King Bubba FM - Back It Up (Remix)  

Jagwa De Champ  - Pump It Or Dump It 

Swaggy - Show Me Those Cheeks 

Scrappy - Upper Echelon 

Stiffy - Quarantine Fitness 

Jus D - Touch

Lynchy x DJ Ky - Aint Stressin' Me

Sandman - All Night Rida

Hypasounds - Come Nuh (Intro)

Statement - I Believe In This

Marzville - Life So Nice

Chemist - Hand Pun Ya Knee  

Danico & Hardware - Cheekz

Terrah Dan - Anything Yuh Hear 

Sluggy Dan & Hardware - Dah My Cousin 

Hardware   - Soup

Terrah Dan x Producer Foreign - Bend Over

King Bubba FM  - Ride It 

C DIDDY - Bad Boy Of Soca

Macka Diamond & Mr.Pearly - WAKE UP

General D - Liquor Ah Drinkin