Getting you ready for the road, Trinidad Carnival 2020! Over three hours of road ready chunes, power soca and chunes the soca mafia doesn't want you to hear. Never the same 15 songs in rotation, enjoy!

Show Notes


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Stage Gone Bad (I.M. Chant Mix)
Kes The Band & Iwer George - Stage Gone Bad (Rizen Road Mix)
Lyrikal - Rukshun (Jean Edit)
Problem Child - Nasty Up
Fay-Ann Lyons - Dive
Bunji Garlin - One Minute Xtra
Slatta - Ever Clean
Wetty Beatz - Syé pa mélé (Beat Intro)
Creeks MX & WCK - Conch Shell (Remix)
Machel x Iwer x Skinny - Conch Shell (Kevin Shell It Edit)
Shal Marshall - Bun Up
Problem Child - Born So
Terra D Governor - Hurricane Fete
Patrice Roberts - Is We
Lunispark & Electrify - Bacchanal Party (Jel Intro)
Olatunji - Thankful
Erphaan Alves & Kes - Pick A Side
Kes The Band x Travis World - Proud
Kerwin Du Bois x Machel Montano - Ramp Up (Marcus Williams Roadmix)
Kerwin Du Bois x Mical Teja - Bumper Murder (Kevin Edit)
GBM Nutron - Slow Down (8 Bar Intro)
Machel Montano x Travis World - Brace
Nadia Batson - Swing
Salty & Sekon Sta - Who Pay (Jean Mix)
Sekon Sta - Fire Blaze
GBM Nutron - Tambourine
Kes the Band - Boss Lady (Sign Me Up) (Intro Refix)
Motto - Shots (One For Di Road)
Skinny Fabulous - Naked
Teddyson John - X Games (Kevin Festival Edit)
Sekon Sta - Sauce
Angela Hunte - Middle
Kes The Band x Terri Lyons - Throw Back Ting
Leadpipe x Jus-Jay - Sometime (DJ Lovaboi Festival Edit)
Patrice Roberts - Carry On (Jean Acoustic Edit)
Problem Child - Feel It
Machel Montano - Play Harder (Young Rizen Intro)
Marvay - Push & Go Through (Jel Intro)
Mical Teja - Birthday (Kevin Intro)
Sekon Sta - Waste Man
Viking Ding Dong - We Outside (Knock D Bottle Refix)
Patrice Roberts - Real Woman
Vybz Kartel & Machel Montano - Super Soca
Machel x Salty x Travis World - Boss Wine
Konshens x Travis World - Bad Gyal Section
Nailah Blackman x Travis World - Oil Drum
Freezy x Natoxie - Back It Up Gyal
Kes the Band - Dushi (Juicy)
Viking Ding Dong - Go Dung
Nailah Blackman & Sekon Sta - Showtime
Partice Roberts X Nessa Preppy X Travis World X Dan Evens - Splash
Skinny Fabulous X Travis World X Dan Evens - Bend Yuh Back
us D X Travis World X Dan Evens - Hot Gyal
Hypasounds - Fair Sa (Feh Sa)
Motto ft. Blackboy & Ezra - Man With Ride (Kevin Festival Edit)
Sly (Vye Twizen) - Mix Up
Blackboy - Touch Pon Di Floor
0Nessa Preppy x Salty - Pull Up
Machel Montano - Gih Dem
Shal Marshall - Two Knee (Jean Edit)
Fadda Fox - Show Me [Boom]
Problem Child - Back Seat Ride
Olatunji & Stadic - Jiggle It
Bunji Garlin - Lookin For China
Bunji Garlin - The Struggle (Jean Edit)
Bunji Garlin & Fay-Ann Lyons - Bus-A-Wine
Lyrikal - Stink
Nessa Preppy - Cupid
Destra Garcia - Rum & Soca
Adam O x AkaiiUsweet - Warming Up (Intro)
Pumpa x Marvelus - Juice
Nailah Blackman - More Sokah (Anson Refix)
Trinidad Killa - Power In Soca (M.U.V Road Mix)
Pternsky - Home
Turner - J'ouvert Morning
Machel Montano x Teddy Rhymez - Stink Behaviour (Kevin Fire Wata Edit)
Freetown Collective x Private Ryan - Feel The Love (MMT Intro)
Kes The Band x Private Ryan - Reason To Love
Voice x Kes The Band - Dear Promoter (Jel x Young Rizen Edit)
Shurwayne Winchester x Ultimate Rejects - Fete Boss
V'ghn - Soca Nice
Wetty-Beatz x Triniboi Joocie - Bottle Over Head (Kevin Intro)
Lavaman - Rum & Pum Pum (RAW)
Skinny Banton - Wrong Again (D Ninja Road Mix)
Tian Winter - Do Wah Yuh Want (Jime & Quixx Intro)
Addo & TBoss - Best Side (Left Right)
Preedy - Yuh Bad (Rizen Mix)
Imani Ray - Take Jam
Kerwin Du Bois - Stink Face (SB Ghost Intro)
King Bubba FM - She Always Bend Over
Nailah Blackman - Bam Bam Season (Kevin Intro)
Swappi x Ultimate Rejects - Jumbie Head (Kevin Festival Edit)
Shadow & Ultimate Rejects - Jumbie Head vs Bassman (Jean Roadmix)
Swappi x Ultimate Rejects - Feeling It (Cant Singh Edit)
Teddyson John & Kes The Band - Y Dou (It Sweet)
Lyrikal - Do Like That
Ricky T - So Bad
Hollywood Hp - Drinking All Day
Skinny Fabulous - Up & Up
Nadia Batson - FATTT
Patrice Roberts - Happy Carnival (Jel x Young Rizen Edit)
Preedy x Private Ryan - No Standing Up (Intro)
Ding Dong Ravers x Mr. Killa - Run Up & Down
Smooth - Iz Dat Yuh Like
Motto x Bunji Garlin - Break A Branch (Smartiez Edit)
Bunji Garlin - Block Away
Skinny Fabulous x Teamfoxx - Soca Trend
Machel Montano - Everytime (Kevin Intro)
Olatunji x Destra Garcia - We Are One (Festival Mix)
Travis World x Poison sound - Bang!
Iwer George - Jab Union
Machel Montano x Hurricane Dindial - Nice Man
Nishard M - Celebration
Sekon Sta - To The Max (Kevin Mix)
Edwin - Call My Mother For Me
Patrice Roberts x Travis World - We Doh Watch Face
Slatta - Unbothered
Towa Hill - Hornaman & De Realman
Inspector - Toy (Double A Giving Me Competition)
Lavaman x Hitz Phillip - Call Name (Ah' Go Whistle)
Voice & Tallpree X Travis World - Dis Is Mas
Impulse - Station X Riddim Instrumental
Khalifah - Chupid Girl
Noydie Glo X Scatter - BOP (Air Freshener) (RAW)
Dash - Stupid Bounce
Trinidad Ghost - I Ain't See (Clean)
Terra D Governer - Black Power
Machel Montano x Problem Child & Ashleia - Facts
Machel Montano - Loyalty (Kevin Edit)
Runi Jay - Diagnosis (See Me Ah Gone)
Precision Productions ft. Various Artistes - Sun Goes Down
Patrice Roberts - I.C.U.
Jadel - Priority
Dev - Wet Wet
Nailah Blackman x Destra - Dutty Clean
Mr Killa - Screwdriver (Mr Fix It)
Mr Killa - Soca Storm
Problem Child - Nasty Up (Jean Edit) (8 Bar Intro)
Kes The Band x Jimmy October - Magic
Machel Montano - Colours (Carnival Road)
Machel x Afro B - Slow Wine (Kevin Edit)
Ravi B - Headshot
Kerwin Du Bois - Drunky
Hey Choppi - Captain (Young Rizen Intro)
5 Star Akil - Love Potion
Christo & Stig Da Artist - Hotter Than Them
Lyrikal - Over And Over
Machel Montano - Talking That Talk
Dwayne "DJ" Bravo x Ariell Alex - #2 Easy
Kes The Band - Jamdong (Ninja Edit)
Kerwin Du Bois - Thanks For The Love
Kerwin DuBois x Adana Roberts - No Tomorrow
Lyndsey - Private Party
Voice x Keone - Ms. Carnival (Hug Up)
Kerwin Du Bois & Destra - Daddy Reach
Machel Montano - I Love You
Skinny Fabulous - Rock This Place
Skinny Fabulous X Konshens - Doh Beg
Voice - Honest Dollar (Room For All Ah We)
Voice x Styles and Complete - Potential
Teddyson "TJ" John - Crem De La creme
DEV - D Vice
Lyrikal - No Scene
Nadia Batson - Kiss
Shal Marshall - Hot Gyal Soca (Wuk Up Yuh Waist Now)
Christo - Soca Feeling (Push Back)
Erphaan Alves - Champion Gyal
Wendi - Walk Out
Turner - Come To Play
Kes The Band - Soca Take Over