A ten year review of Vincy Soca, Vincy mas is cancelled but we can still relive the memories of the past power soca style.

Show Notes


Wetty Beatz - Ting Go Nice Again
Problem Child - Mad House
Problem Child - Everything
MaddZart - The King Road
Maddzart - You Too Rude
Skinny Fabulous - Bumper In Trouble
Problem Child - I Busy
Problem Child - Bad So
Fire Empress - No Money No Wuk
Alla G - No Money No Wuk REPLY
Problem Child - Delinquents (I Don't Wanna Go To Work)
Skinny Fabulous - Duracell
Fireman Hooper - Soca Battlefield
Fireman Hooper - Animal
Fireman Hooper - Discipline Yuhself
Fireman Hooper - unRULY
Fireman Hooper - Amen
Icon - All We Want Is (Jam Jam Jam)
Icon - Yo Ready For Me (Take This This)
Icon - Congo Line
Problem Child x Tallpree - Ah Think Ah Drunk
Problem Child - Rum Jumbie
Luta - Music And Rum
Luta - Rum Memories
Fya Empress - Rum Please
Fya Empress - No Pills (Madness)
Fya Empress - Water
Maddzart - No Wete Fete Without Hose
Shaney Hypes - Yo Feel Yo Bad (Wata Mix)
Shaney Hypes - Show Me Yo Wuk Up.
Shaney Hypes - Snapshot
Jamesy P - In Yo Bum-Bum
Jamesy P - Ants In Yuh Sugar Pan
Dr P - Nah Me Alone
Poorsah - Down Dey
Poorsah - Wrong Hole
Icon - Saltfish
Coyaba - Grandpa Cocoa
Fryktion, Becket & Parry - Yuh Woman Buttin' Me (Remix)
Lively - Mash Up
Lively - Skin Out
Lively - In Me Road
Lively - Tek Dat
First Lady - Tremble
Mylo Enah - To Be Honest (TBH)
Blama - Waistline Criminal
Fanatix - Pat It (Road Mix)
Da Fugitive - Pop Ah Wheelie
Dymez - Wuk Him Out
DYMEZ - Gal Ben Up
Problem Child - Leg Up Deh
Problem Child - Dash It Out
Problem Child x Naphtali - Come To Shell
Marzville x Freezy - Bend And Roll
Napthali - Gal Jook
Rus T - Frontyard
Problem Child - Buggy (Scratch Master Road Mix)
Problem Child - Riot
Lavaman - Wrenk
Skinny Fabulous - The General (Lick Ah Shot)
Mad Skull - Family (Wetty Beatz Roadmix)
ROYALL - Mad Anthem (Kubiyashi Road Mix)
ROYALL - No Pity
ROYALL - Jab Dem (Jab Jab Whine)
Mad Skull - Muddy Jab
Lavaman - Gyal Alone
Skinny Fabulous - Hurricane Skinny
Skinny Fabulous X Travis World - Mash Up International
Hance - Mash Up Fete
Fanatix (Keith Currency) - Trample
Shaunelle Mckenzie - Carry On
Skarpyon - Feet Parade
Problem Child - In Charge
Problem Child - Pull The Pin (Hand Grenade)
Problem Child - Road Rage
Problem Child - Never Bow - Neither Me (Captain John Mix)
Skinny Fabulous - Burn
Lectrick - Overheat
Madskull - Nasty Habit
Tuffa - O.S.S
Wetty-beatz - Thing Start
Fonando - No Soda
Tuff Bak - Water Truck (Tank Low)
Mason - Naked
Skinny Fabulous - One Team
Grabba Finesse - Sick Bad
Grabba Finesse - Madness
Splendid - Head Done Bad
Caspa G - Dutty Cup
Sicko - Straight off the Rocks
Small Circle - Lock D City
Small Circle - Eggplant (Jel Intro)
Party Dawg - Mrs Jones
Mad King - The Punisher (Beast Mode)
Supa Dogg Pitbull - Bop Pon It
Dymez x daPixel Ft. Hypa 4000 x Swagga - Jump & Ah Dip
Tuffa Ft. Hypa 4000 & Hance - Spray It
Mad King - Water Bubble
Caspa G - Bad Boy Wine
Machel Montano X Caspa G - Rum Diaries (Remix)
Dymez X daPixel - Bad Wayz
Fresh Kydd - Overproof
Problem Child - Bend
Skinny Fabulous X Tallpree - Tallawah
Skinny Banton - Front Yard Wet
Lavaman - High Influence
Hypa 4000 - Dutty Dancing
Daddy Ghost - Roll
Link Up - Bend Over Deh So
Tuffa x Luta - Me Liver
Luta - Leh Go Ting
Naphtali - Fencing Pole (Wetty Beatz Road Mix)
Naphtali - Lil Piece
Problem Child - Stand Up Doh Fit Yuh
Problem Child - Rude & Freaky
Hypa 4000 - Top Man
Dat C DQ - Pressure Cooker
L Pank - Jab Jab Sesson
Hypa 4000 - We Doh Play
Skinny Fabulous - Road
Zeek - Wet It Up
Hypa 4000 - No Behavior
Tha Fugative - We ah Vincy
Skinny Fabulous - Vincy People
WIZSKID - Mahma Man
WYZ SKID - Mudda Corn
Moralis - Rum Puppy
Flanka - War Tanka
Royall - Upfull
Dymez X daPixel - All ah Dem
Tuffa - Iron Dog
Hance - Now Start
Fya Empress - Country Meets Town
Skinny Fabulous - We Made For This (Bad From We Born)
Magikal - Bloody Hell
Hypa 4000 x Caspa G - Gyalist
Problem Child - Isaac Hunt
Problem Child - Nasty Up
Wetty Beatz - SyÈ pa mÈlÈ