Although SVG is known for power soca, it is also the home of ragga soca. A mix up of groovy (Ragga soca) hits. This one is for the vincy soca lovers and those who have been playing mas in SVG for more than 10 years. 

Show Notes


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Skinny Fabulous x Rodney Small - This Island Is Mine
Galanaire - When I Come Ine
Jamesy P - Things Nice (12 More Days)
Bomani - On De Road
Bomani - La Bush
Brewskie - Cherry
Zoelah - More Water
Reka Gaymes - It Lit
Skinny Fabolous - Sore Foot
Hance - Zone
Hance - Down Dey
HottSand x Nikki D Diva - Will Not Stay
Mason & V'ghn - Same thing
Mason - Vybz To Start It
Fya Empress - Bam Bam Talk
Icon - Bicycle Whine
Jamsey P - Naked Truth
Problem Child - In The Middle F.Daria
Colombian - Action Time
Fire Empress - Sake Pase
Skinny Fabulous - Gimme Gyal
Luta - Hold me Head
Luta - Bottom Town
Luta - Tight Spot
Luta - Liqher License
Fireman Hooper - Rum Meeting
Maddzart - Balance Yo Drink
Problem Child x Patrice Roberts - Love Me Carnival
Fya Empress - Ah Ketch It
Wetty Beatz - Cyah Take It
Danielle Veira - Till The Dawn
Skinny Fabulous & Danielle Veira - Beautiful Night
Colombian - Rock Yah Body
Mason - Sausage
ROYALL - Machine
Primetime - IDFWU (I Dont Fete with You)
Maddzart - Whyne Pon Me
HYPA 4000 - Too Hard
Problem Child - Stick On
Problem Child - All i Know
Tian Winter - Smooth Criminal
Reka Gaymes - Born for This
Skinny Fabulous - Make it Rain
Hance - Drinking Partner
Hance x Rodney Small - Pan Yard (Love Of Pan)
Hance - Blessings
Rosario x Traffik Plus - Ah Free
Kev - Voice Note
Spade - Something About You (Brass mix)
Wetty-Beatz - W.I.G
Wetty Beatz - Under Day
Wetty-Beatz - Toe low
L-Pank - Oh gosh
L Pank - Whole Night (Smartiez Intro)
Hollabak x Skinny Fabolous - Attitude
V'ghn - Trouble In The Morning
Problem Child - All Ah Dem (Ryan Sayeed Intro)
Problem Child - So Amazing
Jamesy P - Duttiness
Skinny Fabulous - Pum Pum Shorts
Skinny Fabolous - Pan Grung
Dynamite - Brave
Dynamite - BIG UP
Fimba - Neighbor
Fimba - Funky Business
SHANEY HYPES (Hypa 4000) - Habitual
Ozarie - Best Wine (From Another Man Wife)
Ozarie - Bend Ova
Mason - Dem Vincy
Mason - In Yo Panty
Mason - Different
Jamesy P - Down In Dey
Vincy Marshall - Faith
Jamesy P - Hit N Run
Chewalee - Rumist
Skarpyon - Rum Do Dat
Elegance - Pally Wack (New Dance)
NIKKI "Da Diva" - Waistline Wuk
Fya Empress - Lahlo
Fya Empress - Under Meh
Kev - Rotate it
Luta - Fete Away
Hance - Sugar Mami
Ke Ke - Ma Maylay
Zoelah - Stick
Nicki D Diva - Gimme
Skarpyon - Stay Home Wine
PrimeTime - Climax
Stamina Smurf - Happiness
Lavaman & Kerwin Du Bois - Like Nike
Problem Child - Love De Road
Stadic (Kevin Charles) - Wet Meh Down
Chewalee - Rum Cheaper Than Woman
DYMEZ - Malice
Fligh - TMP Too Much Pressure
Mason - Couple Shots
Slatta x Skinny Fabulous - Same Result
Problem Child - Doh Run
Problem Child - Ah Say
Jamesy P - Chronic Disorder (Puff N Pass)
Jamesy P - Siyahbonga
Dymez x daPixel (DxdP) - Body
MaddZart - Go low
Shortpree - Best Part
Galanaire Avalaunche - Tonight
Dymez n Da Pixel - Down In It
Patrice Roberts - All Of It
Problem Child - For Forever
Zoelah x Milbeatz - Twist My Love
Zeek - In Dey
Skarpyon - Wine'N
Hance - DeJA VU (Julian Rampaul Intro)
Fireman Hooper - My Love For Soca
Luta - We Out Here
L Pank - Single
Mason Made - London
Problem Child - Good Up Good Up
Cloud - Wine Slow
Skinny Fabulous - Strong Rum (Someting)
R3cka - Butt Me With Respect
Fireman Hooper - Bun Dem
Jamesy P - Sankie Pan Dem
Luta - Throw Bad Mind
Luta - Gyal Bawling
Skinny Fabolous - Angela
Big Dog Pitbull - Belly
Jae Kali - Too Rude
Spielberg - Come In She Country (Jel DubPlate)
Sita - Matey
Mad King - Water Gun
Jamesy P - Soca Land (Jel Intro)
Hance - Uptown Party (Intro)
Tutty - Don't Call Meh Phone
Fya Empress - Last Call F.Mr Fusion
Wizskid - Whining Criminal
WIZSKID - Fettologist
Busy Signal - Rave Out
Donaeo x Problem Child - Party Hard
Problem Child - Life of The Party
Daneel - I Love The Way
Patrice Roberts - A Little Wine
Problem Child - Born To Win F.Patrice Roberts
Skinny Fabulous - Good People
Ras Jomo - Where We Come From (Jel Intro)