Time to get wild, time to get crazy. This is the official promo for Dutty Up J’ouvert. This event is powered by Bacchanalists Mas.

Show Notes


Iwer George x Travis World - One Wish (Jel Intro)
Shal Marshall - Bun Up
Problem Child - Born So
Terra D Governor - Hurricane Fete
Patrice Roberts - Is We
Edday / Ouuu Suiiiv - Moul Shake 
Hypa 4000 - Winning Freestyle
Jardel x Jequan - In De Quarantine
Trinidad Ghost - Wicked Gyal
Trinidad Ghost - I Ain't See 
Dash - Stupid Bounce
Khalifah - Chupid Girl
Noydie Glo X Scatter - BOP (Air Freshener) 
Runi Jay - Diagnosis (See Me Ah Gone)
Jel x Xpert - Smoke Mask Build Up
Lednek - Down In De Meat (Jel Intro)
Lil Kerry - Go No Way
Temptress X Deno Outta Range Mason - Ah Doh Have
Mr. Killa - Soca Defender
Mr Killa - Soca Storm 
Deadly - Thing Good 
Wetty Beatz  - Syé pa mélé 
DJ Sixaf - Conch Shell (Konk Remake)
Machel x Iwer x Skinny Fabulous - Conch Shell (Kevin Shell It Edit)
Wetty Beatz - Ting Go Nice Again 
Voice X Wuss Ways X Travis World - Pandemonium (Magnet Intro Refix)
Bunji Garlin - One Minute Xtra
Fay-Ann Lyons - Dive 
Asa Bantan - We Making A Mess
Keks Mafia - Vicks
Asa Banton - Do Something Krazy
Asa Bantan - Big Tree
Asa Bantan - Wet Fete 
Patrice Roberts X Nessa Preppy - Splash (Riddim Master Intro)
Jus D X Travis World X Dan Evens - Hot Gyal
Skinny Fabulous X Travis World X Dan Evens - Bend Yuh Back
Cheem - Ba Ba Ben (Cee Jay Road Mix)
Benje x Ovadose - Gal Anthem
Lil Rick - Bruck It Off 
Jagwa De Champ - Si Down Back Pun It 
Sanctuary - Pocket
Lil Rick - No R.H 
Lil Rick - Get Low 
Mole De Chief - Young And Wild 
Problem Child - Oh My Gosh
Problem Child - Thief Piece 
Motto - Uber Everywhere
Lyrikal - Overall
Kerwin Du Bois - We Ha Thing
Kerwin Du Bois & Destra  - Stress Reliever
Azaryah - Sweetest
Konshens - Soda 
Patrice Roberts x Kemar Highcon - Start Up
Farmer Nappy - Backyard Jam
Freezy x Natoxie - Back It Up Gyal 
Ricky T & Denise Belfon - HA
Ricky T - Especially
Adam O x AkaiiUsweet - Warming Up (Intro)
Trinidad Killa - Freedom (D Ninja Road Mix) 
Machel x Teddy Rhymez - Stink Behaviour (Fire Wata Road Mix)
Hypasounds - Mizik (Intro)
Addo & TBoss  - Best Side (Left Right) 
Trinidad Madman (Super Pink) - Married
Blackboy - By Cout Tet 
D-Boy - Hard Food
Boyzie - Need Ah Fete
Ricardo Drue - HomeSick (Jester VIP Edit)