The full IG livestream from April 15. Hosted by DJ JEL, over three hours of soca in varieties.

Show Notes



Kirton aka Alma Boy - Thief Ah Whine
Orlando Octave - Single (Julian Rampaul Intro)
Farmer Nappy - My House
KES The Band - Look For That (Chris Genius Intro)
Machel Montano - Getting On Bad
Shradah - Cya Stop Meh
Erphaan Alves - Come From?
Mason - Dem Vincy
Mason - In Yo Panty
Lavaman - Rum & Pum Pum (RAW)
Skinny Banton - Wrong Again (D Ninja Road Mix)
Destra Garcia - Ooh La La Lay
Kes The Band - Body Talk (Latin Soca)
Kes The Band - Incredible
Kes The Band x Private Ryan - Reason To Love (8 Bar Intro Outro)
Freetown Collective x Private Ryan - Feel The Love (8 Bar Intro Outro)
Swappi x Ultimate Rejects - Feeling It (Cant Singh Edit)
Shurwayne Winchester x Ultimate Rejects - Fete Boss
Lyrikal - Jammin Sake (JEL Intro)
Lyrikal - Conquer Meh
Destra - Just A Little Bit
Flipo - Doh Tell Me Dat (Travis World Update)
Erphaan Alves - Bumper Bounce
Lil Rick - Kotch De Bumpa
Lil Rick - Wild Out
Skinny Fabolous - Defense
Machel Montano - Bruck It
Machel Montano - E.P.I.C. (SMJ Road Mix)
Machel Mantano - Endless Wuk (Travis World Mix)
Preedy - Pelting Waist
Erphaan Alves - Cyah Shut Down
Kes The Band - Love Ah De Music
Voice x Kes The Band - Dear Promoter (Jel x Young Rizen Edit)
Skinny Banton - Jab Forever
Lavaman - The Anthem
Skinny Fabulous & Mason - Bun Fuh Bun
Lil Rick - Hold On
Ricardo Drue - I Got You (Quixx Intro)
Young Lyrics - Hole In Meh Heart (Jime Intro)
Lavaman - No Personal
Valene Nedd - Ride It
Lavaman & Kerwin Du Bois - Like Nike
Kerwin Du Bois - No Apology (I.M. Refix)
Kerwin Dubois x Nessa Preppy - Road Budy (Marfan Roadmix)
Skinny Fabulous - Level Vibes
Sekon Sta - Raggamuffin
Preedy x Private Ryan - Road Skank
V'ghn - Soca Nice
Destra Garcia - Tremble It
Destra Garcia - Tide Is High
KMC Ft Ken Professor Philmore - 3 Miles (Extended)
Zoelah - Fly Away (Scratch Master Road Mix)
Shurwayne Winchester - Dead Or Alive
Shurwayne Winchester - Can't Wait
Berbice - Traffik F.Shurwayne Winchester
Ricky T - Pressure Boom
Faye-Ann Lyons - Who Standing
Bunji Garlin - Famous
Machel Montano - Jamishness
Machel Montano Feat. Patrice Roberts - Light It Up
Machel Montano - Unconditional
Lil Rick - Can't Wait
Lil Rick - Girls Gone Wild
Lil' Rick - Spread Out
Machel Montano HD - Doan Hold We Back
Ricky T - Too Much Rum In Your Glass (Road Mix)
Faye Ann Lyons - Gett On
Jamesy P - Ants In Yuh Sugar Pan
Skinny Fabolous - Duracell (Remix)
Blaxx F.Roy Cape All Stars - Breathless
Faye Ann Lyons - Meet Super Blue
Faye Ann Lyons - Gett On (2008 Trinidad & Tobago Road March Winner)
Problem Child - For Life (Road Mix)
Tizzy F. El A Kru Band - Expose (Road Mix)
Machel Montano HD - Higher Than High
Hey Choppi - Captain (Kevin Feel Good Edit)
GBM Nutron - Calypso
Kerwin Du Bois - No distraction
Kerwin Du Bois - Love Up
Kerwin DuBois, Voice, Teddyson John, Lyrikal - Speechless
Kerwin Du Bois - Drunky
Teddyson John - I Pray
Kerwin Du Bois - Thanks For The Love
LFS Music - 10/10
Kes The Band - Jamdong
Kerwin Du Bois x Adana Roberts - No Tomorrow (N.M.G Road Mix)
Lyndsey - Private Party
Voice x Keone - Ms. Carnival (Hug Up)
Teddyson "TJ" John - Crem De La creme
Dymez x Da Pixel - Siddung Pon
Nassis & Krome - Take A Step Back
Umpa x Sully - One Drop
Lil Rick - No R.H (Radio)
Jagwa De Champ - Si Down Back Pun It (Clean)
Lil Rick - Bruck It Off (Clean)
DJ Cheem - Ba Ba Ben WINE BEN PART 2
Bunji Garlin x Jus Now - The Struggle
Dynamite - Brave
Hypasounds & Freezy - Dip (Daddy Bubbles Remix)
Hypasounds - Dip
Hypasounds - Dutti (Travis World Roadmix)
Lyrikal - Dip & Roll
Lyrikal - Ramajay
Lyrikal - 25/8
Swappi 5D x Ultimate Rejects - Party Start (Rizen x Jel)
AkaiiUsweet ft MrBagnall & Ek Flanders - Bruk It Set it (Riddim Master Road Intro)
Kisha X Mata- People Man (Riddim Master Bruk It Set It Remix)
Sita - Matey
Nutron - Scene
Wetty-Beatz - Toe low
Skinny Fabulous - Watch Thing
Blaxx - Gyal Owner
Wetty-Beatz x Triniboi Joocie - Bottle Over Head (Kevin Intro)
Addo & TBoss - Best Side (Left Right)
Preedy - Yuh Bad (Rizen Mix)
Imani Ray - Take Jam
Kerwin Du Bois - Stink Face
Nailah Blackman - Bam Bam Season (Kevin Intro)
Preedy x Private Ryan - No Standing Up (Intro)
Smooth - Iz Dat Yuh Like
Burning Flames - Swinging Engine
Motto - Bend Dong Remix F.Problem Child & Mr.Legz
Shortpree - Best Part
Alma Boy - A Next Man
MaddZart - Go low
Patrice Roberts - Sweet Fuh Days (BCM Mix)
Hypa 4000 - Reverse It (Press Gas)
Motto - Guttah
Mata & Migos - Piwat
K.O & Pitchboy - Bend For the Beng
Kerwin Du Bois x Mical Teja - Bumper Murder (Kevin Edit)
Kerwin Du Bois x Machel Montano - Ramp Up (ALX Hype Edit)
Lednek - Real Boom Boom
Jab King - Ahtwah
Jello, Bess - Mass Must Play
Hypa 4000 - Move Up
Luta - Leh Go Ting
Tuffa x Luta - Me Liver
Machel Montano x Travis World - Brace (Kevin Road Mix)
Nadia Batson - Swing
Slatta - Unbothered
RUNI JAY - Diagnosis (Social Distancing) COVID 19
DJ Sixaf - Conch Shell (Konk Remake)
Machel x Iwer x Skinny Fabulous - Conch Shell (Jel Dubplate)
Asa Bantan - We Making A Mess
Asa Banton - Do Something Krazy
Avalanche - Get A Drink (Small Cup Alone)
Triple Kay F.WCK - Sousse
Wetty Beatz - Syé pa mélé (Beat Intro)
Magikal - Bloody Hell
Shal Marshall - Bun Up
Patrice Roberts - Is We
Problem Child - Born So
Slatta - Wukking High (Julian Rampaul Intro)
Lavaman - I En Dun
Blaze - King
Lil Kerry - Dynamite
Lil Kerry - Dynamite
Jab King - Bat Ah Fly
Lil Natty & Thunda - Section (Hook 1st Intro)
Voice x Lil Natty & Thunda - Pandemonium
Muddy, Squeeze Head, Lil Natty & Thunda - Freedom
Problem Child - Nasty Up (Jean Edit) (8 Bar Intro)
Edwin - Call My Mother (Smartiez Refix)
Lyrikal - Rukshun
Erphaan Alves & Kes The Band - Pick A Side (Jel Intro)
Fay-Ann Lyons - Dive
Bunji Garlin - One Minute Xtra
Kes The Band & Iwer George - Stage Gone Bad (Young Rizen Intro)
Lavaman x Hitz Phillip - Call Name (Ah' Go Whistle)
Towa Hill - Hornaman & De Realman
Inspector - Toy (Double A Giving Me Competition)