After 10 solid weeks, I present to you the grand finale of #SocaDistancing.

Show Notes


Kes The Band - Come Gyal
Jamesy P - Soca Land (Captain Horn Intro)
Mikey - C.E.O
Olatunji x System 32 - OLTL (One Life To Live)
Machel Montano - On My Way
Machel Montano & Friends - Love Army
Spade - Something About You
Skinny Banton - Jab Forever
Freetown Collective x Private Ryan - Feel The Love (8 Bar Intro Outro)
Kes The Band x Private Ryan - Reason To Love
Skinny Fabulous - Good People (DJ JEL Intro)
Machel Montano x Freetown Collective - Represent
Lil Rick - Great Day
Lavaman - We Nah Change
King Bubba - Who Drinking Rum (Ah Come Out To Win)
Shurwayne Winchester - We Not Stopping
Shurwayne Winchester x Ultimate Rejects - Fete Boss
Sekon Sta - Kings & Queens
Kerwin Du Bois x MX Prime - Welcome To The Carnival
Bunji Garlin & Preedy - Share It (Jean Marching Band Intro Refix)
Fimba - Neighbor
Olatunji,Asten Isaac,Orlando Octave,Rikki Jai,Yankey Boy - Blue Soap (Special Intro)
Machel Montano - Waves (DJ Puffy Remix)
Destra Garcia - Somebody (Young Rizen Intro)
Preedy - Effortless
Lavaman & Kerwin Du Bois - Like Nike
Nicki D Diva - Gimme
Skarpyon - Stay Home Wine
Gorg - Meh Rum (Woman Leff Me)
Third Bass - Bum Bum
Kerwin Du Bois & Lil Rick - Monster Winer (Travis Road Mix)
Trinidad Madman (Super Pink) - Married
D-Boy - Hard Food
Blackboy - By Cout Tet
Mandella Linkz - Tombstone (Selector Buju Intro)
Hance - Sugar Mami
Wetty-Beatz x Triniboi Joocie - Bottle Over Head (Kevin Intro)
Hypasounds - How She Like IT
Addo & TBoss - Best Side (Left Right)
Teddyson John & Kes The Band - Y Dou (It Sweet)
Kes The Band - Where Yuh From
Machel Montano HD - So High A.O.A
Preedy x Private Ryan - No Standing Up (Intro)
Shal Marshall - Middle
Ziggy Rankin - Break Up To Make Up
Umi Marcano - In Front Of Meh
Machel Montano x Umi Marcano - Block To Block
Destra Garcia - Cool It Down
Miss TC - Hot Sun & Riddim
Buffy x Rocky - All Night
King Shepherd - Wuk up on It
Mr. Dale - Born Fa Dis
Claudette Peters - Something's Got A Hold On Me
Bomani - Sweetness
Ghetto Flexx - Bitting Insects
Nigel Lewis - Take That And Cool It
Anderson Armstrong - Turn It Up
Edwin Yearwood - Sake Pase
Crazy - Cold Sweat
Alison Hinds - Ride Meh Riddim
Crazy - Cold Sweat
Fireball - What I Want
H2O Phlo - Soca City
Zoelah - More Water
Kerwin Du Bois - Heaven In You
Slammer Cutter - Hang Over
Farmer Nappy & Kerwin Du Bois - Pavement
Cassi - Town Ting
Cassi - Tongue Ring
K.Rich - Wine Back (Road Mix)
Akon - Don't Matter (Soca Remix)
Kes The Band - Right Dey
K Rich - Nothing Less
Machel Montano - On The Avenue
Busy Signal - Touch De Road
Bunji Garlin, 3Suns & Scarface - Big Blood
Kerwin Du Bois x Machel Montano - Ramp Up (ALX Hype Edit)
Skinny Fabulous, Machel Montano, Bunji Garlin- Famalay (M.U.V Road Mix)
Rudy Live & Machel Montano - Whip It (Remix)
Nadia Batson - Swing
Lunispark & Electrify - Bacchanal Party (Jel Intro)
Voice & Tallpree - Dis Is Mas
Wetty Beatz - Syé pa mélé (Beat Intro)
Wetty Beatz - Ting Go Nice Again
DJ Sixaf - Conch Shell (Konk Remake)
Machel x Iwer x Skinny Fabulous - Conch Shell (Jel Dubplate)
Kes The Band & Iwer George - Stage Gone Bad (Young Rizen Intro)
Destra Garcia - Stage Party
Fireman Hooper - Amen
Hey Choppi - Captain (Kevin Feel Good Edit)
Machel x Afro B - Slow Wine (Kevin Edit)
Skinny Fabolous - When The Lights Go Down
Rupee & Black Shadow - Tipsy
Lil Rick - #ITAINTME (DJ Blank Intro)
Salt - Boom Flick
SK - Tek Position
Mole - Breathe
Leadpipe x Jus-Jay - Sometime (Lovaboi Festival Edit)
Tian Winter - Cool It Down
Kimmy - All Your Love
Sekon Sta & Patrice Roberts - My Side (Jean Acoustic Mix)
Zoelah x Milbeatz - Twist My Love
Shal Marshall - One Wine
Nadia Batson - Strangers
Marzville - Wuk
Turner - Treat Meh Nice
GBM Nutron - Next Gyal
GBM Nutron - Practice (Kevin Festival Edit)
Shal x GBM Nutron & Reina - Come Over
Kerwin DuBois, Voice, Teddyson John, Lyrikal - Speechless
Machel Montano - Long Time (Travis World Edit)
Bunji Garlin feat 1st Klase - Dance In Paint
Kerwin Du Bois - When Ah Gone
Kes The Band - I Ok
Adam O x AkaiiUsweet - Warming Up (Intro)
Pumpa x Marvelus - Juice
BugZbugs x Marvelus - 16 Shots (RAW)
Kylo & Monéa - Big Jam (Clean)
Freezy x Natoxie - Back It Up Gyal
Ricky T - Especially
Ricky T & Denise Belfon - HA
Mr Killa - Oil It Up
Malcom Vex - Yo MS Broke
Fimba - Hunters
Voice - By Any Means (Rico Intro)
Boyzie - Need Ah Fete
Umpa - Siren
Prado - Ou Pa Hah Tan
Klassik Frescobar - Looking Good
DJ Addo & TBoss - Chip Chip
Mac 11 - Soca Panda
Motto x Shal Marshall x Hypa 4000 - Take Jam
K.O & Pitchboy - Bend For the Beng
Pablo - Keisha
Whoopy - Locotoe
Edwin - Call My Mother For Me
Subance - Bay Pat
Soca Pyscho - Pitch Fork
Lil Natty & Thunda - Nuh Dutty Panty
Precision Productions ft. Various Artistes - Sun Goes Down
Terra D Governer - Black Power
Lavaman - Jab Not Working On Jouvert
Lyrikal - Rukshun
Lavaman - Throw It Out
Problem Child - Nasty Up
Skinny Fabulous - Vincy People
Skinny Fabolous x V'ghn x Lavaman - Jab People
Mr. Killa x King Bubba FM - Party Criminal
Problem Child - Rum Jumbie
Problem Child - Isaac Hunt
Ashanti x Machel x Travis World - The Road
Slatta - Unbothered
Runi Jay - Diagnosis (See Me And Gone)
Jab King - Bat Ah Fly
Lavaman & Mr. Legz - Head or Tail
MYA - Ray Tay Tay
Lil Natty & Thunda - The Foreigner
Terra D Governor - Black People
Luni Spark & Electrify - Natural Diaster (Born To Mash Up)
Runi Jay & Killa B Ft. Black Blingers - Wah Could Be Betterr
Boogie B; Mr. Legz - Big Long Thing
Lavaman - Jezebel (Ring Bell)
Hypa 4000 X Caspa G Ft Yung Bredda - So What
Jab King - Ugly Whine
Jab King - Mawet
Khalifa x Happy Boy - Go In Yuh Place
Fonando - No Soda
Machel Montano X Caspa G - Rum Diaries (Remix)
Tuffa x Luta - Me Liver
Luta - Leh Go Ting
Magikal - Bloody Hell
Dat C DQ - Pressure Cooker
Hypa 4000 - No Behavior
Dymez - Wuk Him Out
Caspa G - Bad Boy Wine
Mad King - Water Bubble
Zeek - Wet It Up
Buckwild ft Boyzie - Watch Thing
Sicko - Straight off the Rocks
Small Circle - Lock D City
Small Circle - Eggplant
Party Dawg - Mrs Jones
Skinny Fabolous - Avengers (Jel Intro)