Another week of the IG Live #SocaDistancing show. Including three hours of your favs Some chunes were replayed due to the Instagram's length restrictions.

Show Notes


Miguel Maestre - Na Na Ey
Teddyson John - Allez!
Mikey - Feting Family
Don Trent - When Tomorrow Come
Shaquille - Collateral (Jus-Jay Intro Edit)
Lil Rick - Way Up
Ricardo Drue - Stamp Yuh Name
Skinny Fabulous - Pompous
Lil Rick - Bachannalist
Kerwin Du Bois & Ravi B - OverDoing It (Dr Jay EDIT)
Wetty-Beatz x Triniboi Joocie - Bottle Over Head (Kevin Intro)
Swappi x Ultimate Rejects - Feeling It (Cant Singh Edit)
Swappi x Ultimate Rejects - Jumbie Head (Kevin Festival Edit)
Voice - By Any Means (Rico Intro)
Patrice Roberts - Happy Carnival (Jel x Young Rizen Edit)
Kerwin Du Bois - Stink Face (Ghost Intro)
Imani Ray - Take Jam
Preedy - Yuh Bad (Rizen Mix)
Teddyson John & Kes The Band - Y Dou (It Sweet)
Kes The Band - Your Body Working
Benjai - A.T.A.O Engoma
Dj HP - Panty & Bra
Teddyson "TJ" John - J'ouvert Morning
Preedy x Private Ryan - No Standing Up (Intro)
Mr. Gold'N - 473
Slatta - High & Mellow
Tian Winter - In De Middle
Preedy - Unruly
Kerwin Du Bois - I Am D One (Most Vibes)
Nailah Blackman - Bam Bam Season (Kevin Intro)
Nadia Batson - FATTT
Lyrikal - Do Like That
Ricky T - So Bad
Skinny Fabulous - Up & Up
Fadda Fox - Dirty Habits
Lil Rick - Doing De Dog
Sekon Sta - Mamacita
King Bubba Fm - Unstoppable "Give Thanks"
Ricardo Drue X King Bubba Fm - Rum Again "Drink Up"
Kes The Band - Carnival Is Here
Kes The Band & Lira - Soca For Love (Rish The DJ Alternative Intro)
Smooth - Iz Dat Yuh Like
Ricky T - Sully
Umpa - Siren
Mad Rhyme X Positve X TallyBoy - Tic & Tac It
Tizzy F.Richard Tumpet - Wuk Meh (Roadmix)
Tian Winter - Gimmie A Taste
Shurwayne Winchester - Murdah
Alicia Keys - Doesnt Mean Anything (D.M.S Soca Remix)
Traffik Feat Shayne Bailey - Sweetness
Zoelah - Wine Up On Me (Scratch Master Road Mix)
Mauricia Pascal - Aggressive
Lyrikal - All Over Di Gyal
Farm P x Kerwin Du Bois - Sexy Girls (Road Mix)
Alison Hinds & Denise Belfon - Obbesive Whiners
Vybz Kartel - U A Mi Baby (BSR Remix)
Kerwin Du Bois - Gyal Farm F.Shal Marshall
Teddyson "TJ" John - Wine Up On Me
Traffik Feat Shayne Bailey - Sweetness
Fay Ann Lyons - Heavy T
Bunji Garlin - Banana
mr killa - Sugar Pot
Fadda Fox - Staggerah
Konshens - Wine It Everywhere
Blakey x Skinny Fabolous - No More Long Talk
Bunji Garlin - Plenty Gyal
Nadia Batson - Bumpers Rule
Ziggy Rankin' - This Time
KMC - Yeast
Faye Ann Lyons F.Beenie Man - Wine Fast
Benjai - Tanty Say F.Scarface
Busy Signal- Up In Her Belly
KES The Band - Thunder
Bunji Garlin - We Done Dey
Jamesy P - Bashment Freak
Jamesy P & Skarpyon - Leave Me Alone
Patrice Roberts - Sugar Boy
Slatta - Wukking High (Julian Rampaul Intro)
Lil Natty & Thunda - Take It To Them
Lil Natty & Thunda - Top Striker (DJ Lovaboi Steel Pan Intro)
Lil Natty & Thunda x DJ Moss - Big People Ting
Muddy - No Drama
Shortpree - Chant of the Summer
Terra D Governer - Matilda
Muddy, Squeeze Head, Lil Natty & Thunda - Freedom
Boogie B; Mr. Legz - Big Long Thing
Problem Child - Dem Alone
Lil Natty & Thunda - Dash It
Lavaman - Ah Doh Know
Royall - Upfull
Shortpree - Every Body Going
Terra D Governor - Hoodoo Wine (What One Wine Could Do)
Khalifa x Happy Boy - Go In Yuh Place
Jus D - Manager (Young Rizen Intro)
Hey Choppi - Captain (Kevin Feel Good Edit)
Erphaan Alves - Hold On
Patrice Roberts - Carry On (Jean Acoustic Edit)
Problem Child - Feel It
Machel Montano - Play Harder (Young Rizen Intro)
Kes the Band - Boss Lady (Sign Me Up) (Intro Refix)
Motto - Shots (One For Di Road)
Skinny Fabulous - Naked (Madness M.U.V Hype)
Marzville - Give It To Ya
Lil Rick - Wait Til Tonite
Hance - DeJA VU (Julian Rampaul Intro)
Teddyson John - Tro Waist
Blackboy x Messi - I Never Know
Blackboy x Youth - Parle Bow
Freezy x Natoxie - Back It Up Gyal
Teejay - Ride (Movay Tuh)
BlackBoy x Lu City - China
Bossla - Tic Tic Part 2
Cooyah - Bumper Police
Shemmy J x Freezy - On The Way (OTW)
Ricky T - Especially
Ricky T & Denise Belfon - HA
JUS D - Hole
Lynchy x DJ Ky - Aint Stressin' Me
Kerwin Du Bois x Mical Teja - Bumper Murder
Umpa - Siren
Mad Rhyme X Positve X TallyBoy - Tic & Tac It
Machel Montano x Travis World - Brace (Kevin Road Mix)
Machel Montano - Doh Play Dat (SixStar Extended Intro)
Machel Montano - Your Time Now
Machel Montano X Caspa G - Rum Diaries (Remix)
Dat C DQ - Pressure Cooker
Fireman Hooper - Shake It Down
Fonando - No Soda
Caspa G - Dutty Cup
Klassik Frescobar - Looking Good
DJ Addo & TBoss - Chip Chip
Khalifa x Happy Boy - Go In Yuh Place
Jab King - Mawet
Yung Mickey - Hotter Planass
Jab King - Ugly Whine
Hypa 4000 X Caspa G Ft Yung Bredda - So What
Lavaman - Jezebel (Ring Bell)
Boyzie - D Intention
Boyzie - The Return
Boyzie - Up In It (SVK & Dj Bonezz Intro)
Shortpree - Set The Mood
V'ghn ft. Boyzie - Doh Fraid (Brave)
Freetown Collective x Private Ryan - Feel The Love
Kes The Band x Private Ryan - Reason To Love
Machel Montano x Teddy Rhymez - Stink Behaviour (Kevin Fire Wata Edit)
Voice - By Any Means (Rico Intro)
Voice x Kes The Band - Dear Promoter
Young Lyrics - Hole In Meh Heart (Jime Intro)