This is just a taste of what you get at LUX Escape Weekend 2022 in Barbados.  I will be in Barbados 🇧🇧 for #EscapeWeekend, hope to see you there.

Show Notes


iPhone DL


Leadpipe & Saddis - Look Trouble 

Fiyah B - Rich & Happy

Chrissy D - Tek Time

Charly Black - Hold Me

Motto - Flavor (French Vanilla)

Teddyson John, Skinny Fabulous - People Business 

Machel Montano - 10 Outta 10 

Cheem - Ba Ba Ben (Ceejay Remix)

Li'l Rick - Ba Ba Ben (Official Remix)

Father Philis - Brawling

Klassik Frescobar x Boidingo - Whoopsy 

Ambi ft Freezy - Inna Hole

Freezy x King Bubba FM - Back It Up (Remix)  

The Fatha x Blackboy - Bounce (Remix)

Purple Jacket X Yannick Hooper X DJ Puffy   - Gih Dem Waist

C. Diddy - Tek Dese Juks

Adam O - Fresh Bless 

Lyrikal - Steamy

Skinny Fabulous - Making Me Own

Nadia Batson - First Fete

Nadia Batson - Sugar Daddy (LovaJel Edit)

Mikey X MSK Musik - Company

Preedy - Location (Intro)

Ricardo Drue feat Drastic & Lilly - Change The World

Private Ryan x Terri Lyons  - Cant Take My Joy 

Adam O  - Far Away

Adam O x AkaiiUsweet - Warming Up

Klassik Frescobar x Dj Spider - Like Dat (Intro)

Walkes - Wuk Up & Bend

Freezy X Sedale  - Up Down

DJ Cheem x Dj Spider - Bumpa

Lil Rick - Clean 

Mole & Brucelee Almightee - Bad Badd 

Viking Ding Dong - Earthquake

Walkes - Ca~hn Wait

Nailah Blackman - Gyal Wine

Problem Child - Drunk'n Style 

Tian Winter - Do Wah Yuh Want (Jime & Quixx Intro)

Lil Rick - Balance Batty

Hypasounds - Mizik (Intro)

JrCruiza & Maddrass - Simon Says

Sedale - Push Back

King James - Roll It

Ricardo Drue - Weak

Skinny Fabulous - Blinkin Bad

Boyzie - Need Ah Fete

Young Lyrics - Hole In Meh Heart (Jime Intro)

Chrissy D - Next Year (Jel Festival Edit)

Kes, Etienne Charles & Laventille Riddim Section - Iz We (MUV Redrum)

Mikey - Getting It Good (Jel Intro)

Chrissy D - Final Stage

MR Blood - Down in Dey

Viking Ding Dong - Bend

Tallpree - Fettin Crazy

Terra D Governor - Looney Toon

Problem Child - De Saltfish

Problem Child - Crocodile

Viking Ding Dong - Runaway

Patrice Roberts - Any Way

Shal marshall x Problem Child - Imagine If (I Outside)